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I think of my self as a straight male, when younger only with women. as got older less women wanted to have sex. And it tock more to got off. porn got darker. gay to bestiality, checking more and more on inline. doing exhibitionish on wed cams. but most lee men on there. I let then tell me what to do on cam for then full face and nude. know lots of them tape it. checking out dating site but have more men checking me out. one day I fig what the hell. meet with a cool older guy, I let him blow me. I fucked him. then I told him I want to blow him. so I did, the next week I meet a other guy my own age. state out sucking each other. then I was the one doing the most sucking. then I told him he could fuck me, so he did cumming in my ass. when he left I play with my ass to get the cum out to eat it, I would meet with gay, crossdresser, and straight men. I have not been fucked to many times most times cant take in. I been master to sum and slave to others. when a guy cum I will all we swallow or eat they cum off them. I meet them where they want t my place there, at parks. I meet all types. guys that are ok looking, guys with big dick that I still didn't know how I take them. I meet a few of x coworkers even sum old boss and friends. I do have a new coworker that we had sex in the past, he has bot said a word about it yet. but there time its a ugly disgusting men sum times vary fat,. that no one els would blow. I will blow them. I like the humiliation of it, iuse think I was small butt I been with lots of men with small dicks, its odd the size diffentes out there.. I let women witch me blow they man. in been in lots of 3 ways fmm and all male. I have two dick in my mouth.

I been trying to find guys to tape me blow them. or do it live on web cams. I get off on the disgrace of it. I all so been looking for sum one to make me blow a dog or sex, I am not sire how far I will go to,