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one night right after i was 7yo, my dad walked to the liquor store, and never came home, he'd always was in a habit of disappearing for weeks at a time even anyway.

my granddad, my dad's dad that is, who'd we'd lived with anyway had started having sex with my mom no sooner had they found my dad's body just blocks away.

fastforwards to when i was 8yo, my mom wanted me to wear this little speedo, when i'd put it on, my dick got hard, and i told her how my speedo bothered my dick.

my mom wanted me to wear it anyway, and to wear a large teeshirt to hide my speedo bulge. that day we went shopping at walmart, when my mom wanted to try on some dresses, she wanted me inside the dressing room with her.

that was when the fun began! at first i was shy about taking off my shirt cuz my dick was hard in my speedo, she'd whispered "it's ok honey, i have something to share with you anyway, here, watch." she no sooner took off her dress than was she in a high waist maternity bikini, for the first time, since she'd had me when she was just 14!

my mom had turned 23 just 3 weeks earlier, when i'd saw her in her teeny little regular bikini on her 23rd bday, i never knew she'd ever got pregnant at all! she said in my ear "i'm almost 16 weeks pregnant, i'm barely showing, isn't it lovely?" i nodded yes.

when she had me feel my baby sister inside of her, i looked at the bulge in my speedo, when my mom said "aren't you happy now?" i nodded yes. when we got home that day from walmart, me, and my mom spent the afternoon in the pond begind our house.

so when i felt my mom's baby some more, she'd asked "how is your penis honey?" i said "it feels so nice, now that you're having a baby, and you got got a nice bikini almost over your tummy"

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