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my sister is 3yrs older, we started fooling around when i was around 8yrs old, and when i was around 13yrs old, we fucked a few times.

we grew up, when i was around 22yrs old, she met this guy, and shortly after the guy and his 10yr old daughter moved in with my sister.

i didn't like the fact the guy moved into her house and not the other way around, until my sister laughed as she said he has a hot daughter.

my sister invited me over for dinner so I can met them, the guy's daughter is a stone cold knock-out, and i could not take my eyes off her perfect little butt.

she has a small frame with blonde hair, blue eyes, with a perfect little body, and the roundest little bubble butt i've seen on a preteen.

my attention was mostly on her, chatting with her, joking around with her, and she really was digging me.

in the conversation it came up that i always go fishing, the guy's daughter says she always wanted to go fishing but he would not take her.

my sister jumps in saying i should take her fishing tomorrow which was saturday and it was set, i was going to take her fishing.

that night i had to jackoff a few times thinking of fucking that little girl and got very little sleep that night, even jacked off a couple times in the morning.

so i wear a pair of of thin loose fitting shorts planing on maybe flashing her to see how she reacts and go from there.

i get over there to pick her up and she comes out in a pair of spandex shorts and a rather tight top, i could not believe what i was seeing.

we get to a secluded fishing spot, get setup, and i get behind her to show her how to cast.

i crouched down a little so my cock was lived up to her little butt, i was starting to get hard just thinking of my cock touching her butt.

as i'm showing her i'm softly rubbing my cock in the crack of her sweet little butt, she then said she can feel that. and i play dumb asking feel what?

she said that she can feel that i have a big dick, i was like ummm huh, and she pushes her butt harder into my almost hard cock saying it feels big.

so i say yeah i have a rather big one, she bends over putting the fishing rod down, and turns around facing me then says okay let's see it.

again i'm like ummmm huh? she says well come on, let's see it, show it to me.

fuck i pulled the front of my shorts down and my 8" cock flopped out fully hard and she says damn Karen (my sister) was right, you do have a big one.

again i'm like ummmm what? she say oh be quite, drops down to her knees, and takes a hold of my cock, then i watch as she starts sucking me.

all i could think was oh fuck, this beautiful little girl was sucking my cock, and she takes my cock out of her mouth saying you want to do me don't you.

i asked her has she ever had sex before, she says yes her dad fucks her but his dick is not this big, she pauses, and says i have to do her in the butt.

again i'm like ummmm what?

she said that i have to do her butt so she don't get pregnant, i told her that i can't get a woman pregnant, and now she's like ummm what.

i told her that i squirt but it won't make a baby and she said okay in an almost excited voice.

yeah as i'm licking her little bald pussy that has a slight tinge of pee, i could tell her pussy had been well fucked, and i got up on top of her.

eased my cock into her tight little pussy a she moaned, i slow fucked her with just half my cock, then i started going deeper, and deeper.

her pussy was so fucking tight around my cock, i started fucking her harder, she moaning loudly, and i start drilling her little hairless pussy.

then i shove my cock in her little body almost all the way as the first blast of cum floods her pussy, she let out a scream, and I pull back.

i then shoved my cock in her again, she screams, and the second blast of cum floods her little body.

after i finished filling her with cum, i pulled my cock out of her gaping bald pussy, and as my cum pours from her hole she said oh fuck is you dick big.

i said oh you'll get used to it, she smiled at me saying oh i'm sure i will.

we fucked 4 more times that day before i took her home.

when we got there, her dad was gone to work, my sister asked if she enjoyed herself, and she said yeah i did, you're right he has a really big dick.

my niece ran off to put her things away, my sister asked well did you enjoy yourself and all i said was thank you.

my sister told me the only reason she let this guy move in because she knew he was fucking his daughter and thought of me.

she told me she liked the guy, but wished he had a bigger dick, and i said well if you want a big cock, then pulled down the front of my shorts.

I fucked my sister right on the dinning room table and my niece sat in one of the chairs watching us.

now i fuck my niece all the time and fuck my sister when she wants a big cock to drill her pussy.