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I was her supervisor. Her name was Nikki and mine is Tom. I had just taken over the unit but the previous supervisor had written Nikki up until it came to terminate her. We had been co-workers a couple of hears earlier so we knew each other quite well. She knew I was married and I knew she lived alone. We were both in our 50s. The day they fired her she came to me, her new supervisor and asked if I could do anything. I said that I couldn't do anything about her job but I could herp her get over it. I knew she had a slight crush on me. I often snuck glances at her tits and wished I could suck on them and even wondered is she shaved her pussy.

That day was a dark day for her. When she asked what I could do for her I told her that about all I could do was to bring her dinner and talk. She said that she was up for that. I knew where she lived and when I arrived with some burgers she met me at the door in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I could see the outline of her nipples clearly through her t-shirt and my cock stirred. We ate the burgers and she assured me that she didn't hold me responsible for her firing. After we ate she brought out a case of beer and we started to drink. After I had about seven or eight beers we were both pretty tipsy. Then out of nowhere she said "Now that we're not working together I can fuck you as much as I want." That took me back. I really didn't know what to say. Then She pulled her t-shirt off and I was staring at her large tits and big nipples. She undid my pants and pulled my pants and shorts off leaving me naked from the waist down. Then she took off my shirt and undershirt and sat on my lap. She leaned down and kissed me. It was deep and sensuous. Then she said "I'm gonna fuck you all night until you have nothing left.

I was still stunned but felt my cock rising with each passing second. Then she pulled me up by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She shed her clothes and I looked down at her cunt. It was clean-shaven and my cock got even harder. She had me lay on the bed and mounted me in a 69. I stuck my tongue into her cunt and she engulfed my nearly hard cock. She throated my seven inches like it was the most natural thing she'd ever done. She manouvered her cunt off of my mouth and now I was tonguing her asshole. She pulled off of my cock long enough to say whe loved being rimmed. At the same time she pushed two fingers into my asshole as she got back on my cock. She sucked me for the next 10 minutes and I took my mouth off her long enough to say I was cumming. She inserted a third finger in me and I felt my prostate being massaged inside my ass. I came harder than ever before. She took it all and left me clean when she took her mouth off of me. She turned around and sat back down on my mouth. I was tongue fucking her and I reached up and started to play with her nipples. She said I had the biggest cock she ever sucked and couldn't wait to fuck me. My tongue worked inside her cunt, around her lips and when I started to suck on her large clit she shrieked and came like my wife never could. She came twice with her cunt on my mouth and finally rolled over. She asked if I could get hard again. My cock was nearly hard again already when she rolled over and said to have my way with her. I rubbed her back a little while then slapped her ass. She said to spank her harder. I did. She kept telling me to do it harder and five minutes later I had her crying and begging me to fuck her. I felt her pussy and it was slimy and soaked so I pulled her up a little bit and shoved my mostly hard cock into her. She cried a little louder and said to fuck her as hard as I could. I was pounding her for all I was worth and at one point my cock slipped out and when I thrust back in I missed her cunt and my cock was shoved into her asshole. "Oh fuck" she screamed. I apologized and started to pull out when she said to fuck her ass. I'd never done this before but decide that this was my fucking chance so I started to fuck her ass. She cried harder and harder the more I fucked her ass and when I said I was about to cum she pulled off of me and rolled over.

It was like a fucking porn movie as she switched around and took my cock in her mouth and waved me on. I took that as a sign and pumped into her mouth until I let go. She once again took my cum without blinking. She left my cock completely drained and there was no more to give her. I thought we were done but when she finally pulled her mouth off of my cock she told me to lay down. I did and she laid on top of me. She kissed me and her tongue explored my mouth like never before. I felt my com that she kept in her mouth ooze into my mouth. This got me excited again and when I had taken my cum out of her mouth she mounted my face again. I played with her tits and nipples until she was done. She came a couple of times again and finally rolled off of me.

We went back into the living room and drank a couple more beers. She told me to text my wife and tell her something because she wasn't done with me. I told my wife I was with a friend who lost his job today. She told me to take my time and she would see me when I got home.

We ended up fucking a few more times over the next 16 hours and she even fucked my ass with her strap on. I never dreamed I would get to fuck Nikki but when it got down to it she was the kinkiest fuck I ever had. We get together a couple of times a month now and I still love her mouth on my cock and ass and I love eating her and fucking her, both in the cunt and in the ass.