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I had got drunk a little bit before the high school dance. My girlfriend let me feel her tits but that was about the extent of it. I was drunk that night and she insitist I drive her home. I did and when we parted I drove back to the dance. When the dance was breaking up stephanie approached me and asked for a ride home. I was pretty drunk so I agreed. She was out on the river road. Before we got to her house she told me to pull over onto the shoulder. When I asked why she said that she felt ill. I knew she was pretty drunk so I pulled over. Immediatlly she pulled her dress up and said that she wasn't really sick, that she only wanted to sukc my cock. I was taken back but was a little drunk myself and she unzipped my pants and fished my cock out. She gave me a mind-blowiob blowjob. Then she said if I could get hard again I could fuck her. I waited for a few minutes and said that if she sucked me hard I could fuck her. She continued to suck me until I got hard andin and my cock ressponed. She took off her blouse and while she was sucking me I found her tits.

Se ended up fucking twice that night and I eventually broke up with my girlfriend and fucked this new love of my life.

Il\ am married now, cut whenever Robin is in town I get with her and we fuck like rabbits. I think my wife kinows but as long as I come back to her she allows it. Man, I love fucking.