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When I was 41 I got one of the leads in a Community Theater play. The leading lady was named Kay. She was a little heavy but had good sized tits and nipples that showed through her clothes. I met her on the first night of rehearsals. During the play I was to almost overdose and was nearly dead. I was to lay on the bed and she was to sit by my side and comfort me, gently kissing my lips at one point. The first weeks of rehearsals went fine. While I was flat on my back she had one hand on my leg and the other on my belly. It was all in the name of acting. The stage was elevated slightly so the audience would not actually see what was going on.

Then came the week of consumes. We were in modified costumes and I had to wear black tights and a black top. The first night of semi-dress rehearsals came and it was the point near the end of the play where I had nearly overdosed. I laid on the bed and she arranged my legs like always. One hand was on my belly and the other on my leg, but this time it was a bit higher up on my thigh. I noticed the difference. Then came the short kiss. This time when she put her lips on mine she shoved her tongue in my mouth and moaned just loud enough for me to hear. The kiss was about three seconds longer than other kisses and when she broke the kiss Her hand squeezed my cock. My cock jumped a little and I knew she could feel it. As she pulled away she whispered "A little jumpy aren't we?" she said and squeezed just enough for both of us to know what she was doing.

The next night came and the same thing happened again. On the third night right before we went on she told me she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. I almost came when she tongued me and squeezed. She knew I was married but that didn't seem to bother her. Nor did the face that she was 10 years younger than me. On the last night of our semi-dress rehearsal When she adjusted my legs on the bed her hand lingered and rubbed my inner thigh. Nobody in the seats could see any of this and her hand rested on my crotch while her other hand was on my belly. About every three seconds she squeezed just a little and I was pretty fucking hard by the time she bent down for the kiss. This time though she leaned a little too far and one of her nipples brushed my lips. Again no bra. Then she leaned back a little and tongued my mouth. At the same time she squeezed rather hard and her hand actually engulfed my cock through my tights. This time I moaned when she was tonguing my mouth. It's very hard to remain still when your cock is being squeezed and mouth is being attacked. After that rehearsal she said her car was still at home and asked for a ride. I agreed.

On the way home that night in my minivan she said she wanted to take a detour. She navigated us about 15 minutes out of the way to a dead end street. It was pitch black and there weren't any houses for the last couple hundred yards. I turned around and parked. "What now?" I asked. She put her hand on my thigh and said she wanted to suck my cock. I was surprised at that and struggled whether or not to let her suck me. But when she grabbed my cock and leaned in for a kiss I threw caution to the wind and kissed her back. We got out and opened the side door. We crawled into the back where I only had a back bench. I had taken out the middle seats. She told me to strip. I was naked and sitting on the bench. She told me to lay down. I did and put one leg over the back of the bench seat and the other one was resting on the floor of the van. She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. I was already nearly hard. She said I had the thickest cock she had ever sucked and had a feathery touch with her lips. It kept me on the edge for a long time. I was getting ready to cum when she looked up and asked if I would still kiss her if she let me cum in her mouth. My wife never does this and since I was getting sucked anyway I might as well do it all the way. I told her I would still kiss her. She clamped back down on my cock and I started to cum. At that same time a finger slipped into my asshole and I came harder than ever before. It was fucking fantastic and she sucked me dry. When I was spent she took her mouth off of my cock and mounted me. She shoved her tongue back in my mouth and I could taste my cum as we explored each other. I was already starting to get hard again when she said it was her turn. She stripped and we traded places. Her cunt was shaved except a small diamond patch right above her clit.

She assumed the same position I was in and I shoved my face between her legs and started to tongue fuck her. I reached up and for the first time felt her tits. They were large and firm. I found her nipple and started to roll it in my finger and thumb. She kept saying "Oh fuck yeah honey, eat momma's pussy." She was gyrating a little when I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked as hard as I could. She shrieked and started cumming. It seemed like her orgasm went on forever and about 10 seconds in she said to fuck her. I was surprised my cock was mostly hard so I quickly pulled her down and turned her around. She leaned over the bench and I shoved my cock in her. She kept moaning and repeating "Oh fuck yeah. Fuck me harder." Her cunt was tight but slippery and I had no trouble fucking her. I was able to last for at least 10 minutes and was wearing both of us out. She yelled "I'm cumming" at least three times and was nearly passed out. Then she got a second wind and said to fuck her ass. I'd never done that. My wife would never let me even touch her asshole let alone fuck her. I quickly pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved it in her ass. She grunted and said to fuck her hard. I fucked her for another five minutes and said I was gonna cum. She said to keep it in her ass. I did and came with what I had left. I finally pulled out of her ass and nearly collapsed. My knees hurt, my balls hurt and my cock was about worn out.

I finally drove her home and we kissed a long kiss before she got out. We had the weekend off but Monday were back at rehearsal. She was the perfect actress that week when her hand was on my leg and the kiss was a slight peck on the lips. It finally came to opening night. We were ready. We had about 20 minutes until the curtain went up and Kay and I were behind the curtain in the dark. Nobody else was around when she turned around and kissed me. I felt her tits and noticed she wasn't wearing a bra again. She started to rub my cock and said "Quick. Fuck me before we go out." I was shocked but she turned back around. She lifted her costume up and I felt a bare ass. I reached down and put my hand on a wet bare cunt. I pulled my tights down over my cock and moved up to her. She was bent over just enough to give me access. I bent me legs, put my cock up to her pussy and pushed. She grunted. I fucked her with an excitement I'd never had before. It only took about two minutes and said I was cumming. Her cunt squeezed my cock and said to let it fly. I filled her cunt to the point I could feel it running back down my cock and balls. About the time I was spent we heard the opening music. I pulled my cock out and tucked myself back in just as the curtain was opening. We did the play and when she was leaning over me her hand found my cock and my wetness was still leaking through my black tights. I could feel her hand on my cock through the scene and she gave me a slight peck of a kiss. This time though she put a finger up to my lips and whispered "Enjoy" as she wiped a bit of my cum on my lips. I had to lay there for the next three minutes perfectly still with my cum on my lips. I could smell it and taste it. We finished the play and everyone congratulated each other.

Just as I was getting ready to leave she gave me a non-sexual hug and said "Tomorrow I suck you before we go on." She did and I came just before we went on. The third night she had me finger her cunt until the curtain opened. As we were wrapping it up that night and were looking forward to the last night of the play she said she had a special treat for me on closing night but wouldn't tell me what it was. On closing night, 10 minutes before curtain she put her hand down the back of my pants and started to finger my asshole. For five minutes she gently worked her finger in and out of my asshole and five minutes before the curtain opened she shoved a second finger in and was actively finger fucking me. With about 15 seconds to go she pulled her fingers out. I thought that was it but felt her shoving something in my ass. It was a bit tough to get in but with about three seconds to go she stood up and said "It's a butt plug. I'll take it out when we're done." The curtain opened. It took all of my concentration to get through the play and when we got to the bed scene when she kissed me she whispered "I get to fuck you tonight."

We got through the play and I didn't have a chance to remove the butt plug as we all walked across the street for a post play dinner. I sat there with that thing rubbing against my prostate and nearly came when she reached over and squeezed my cock. We finally got through dinner and she had me drive her home. she said her daughter was on a sleep over and invited me in. As soon as we got in she had me strip and took me into the bedroom. She laid me on my back with my cock nearly at full mast and put a blindfold on me. She gently worked the plug back out of my asshole. Before I had a chance to even catch a breath I felt something else against my asshole. She had a strap-on and was shoving it in my ass. She started to fuck me. This was a whole new fucking sensation. She fucked my ass for about 20 minutes and her cock was finally rubbing against my prostate and I couldn't hold back any longer. I started cumming without her even touching my cock. It landed on my chest and she rubbed into my tits. She bent over and started to suck a cum-soaked nipple and was rubbing my other tit. Then her fingers opened my mouth and I was sucking on her cum-soaked fingers.

For the next three months we met nearly every week and did something kinky. I finally got a job in another state and had to move. My wife was never the wiser, but I have learned a bunch of things I never knew before. In our new home the wife and I don't fuck anymore than we did before but on-line I have found others who will suck my cock. Oddly enough it is the men who love the kinky stuff. But that's for another day...