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Since my divorce I've had more opportunity to indulge in my life-long crossdressing fetish. I have even made a new friend, he is married but we have managed to see each other every week or so for the last few months. He popped my cherry on our second "date" and I fell in love with his big hard cock. This past weekend he introduced me to his brother-in-law and I ended up in my first threesome.

Under the guise of a weekend casino trip I met them at the Belagio in Atlantic City. I had already dressed by the time they arrived and Bill and Alan were very pleased by my appearance, this made me very happy. Bill suggested I give Alan a nice slow blow job while he jumped in the shower. I was licking Alan's cum off my fingers when Alan emerged from the bathroom and presented his lovely cock for service. I love it when he face fucks me and cums down my throat, It is uncomfortable and he can be quite rough but the act is so erotic. But the most amazing moment of the weekend was when Alan was bareback deep in my ass blowing his load while Bill painted my face with thick ropes of his cum. At that moment I felt utterly feminine and submissive for cock.