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My wife's a little kinky. She likes to play with my asshole when she sucks me and takes my cum in her mouth. I love everything about her. Then one night when we were drinking she confessed that she had a lesbian experience a number of years back. We didn't mention it much after that as I told her I didn't care what she did before she met me. When she pressed I told her I had never had a gay experience. She was okay with that. Then one day she said we were going to a party that Friday night. I said okay and we showered and went to the party.

We arrived at Jim and Tammy's house about 5:30. We had all eaten and the other couples had arrived by 7:00. We all chatted and drank a bit and one of the women said the they should leave the men to play cards and all agreed they should go to the male strip club. My wife didn't drink much so she drove. That left the six of us to play cards. The first game was pretty innocent, seven card stud. Then Jim the host suggested we headed to the basement for some fun. Everyone agreed so I followed them to the basement. I got the idea that they had all done this before and when one of the guys asked if I had ever sucked a cock I told him no. Then got all excited and Jim told them to prepare me. They grabbed me and started to undress me. I said I wasn't comfortable with this but six on one was no match. They stripped me and made me get into the sex swing he had in the basement.

I tried to protest but they had my hands tied up on top and my feet tied to a pair of stirrups. They all stripped and Jim's cock was huge. It was at least six inches soft and I felt myself being pulled back. I was in the swing but was nearly horizontal and the first guy stepped up and put his cock up to my lips. He said I was the main attraction and was going to suck all of their dicks. He pushed in my mouth and I couldn't stop him as he started to mouth fuck me. I was pretty helpless as He pushed and pulled his cock in my mouth. Then I felt someone pulling my nipples as that first guy started to cum in my mouth. I didn't really like it as he emptied himself in my mouth. Then another guy took his place and started mouth fucking me. About that time I felt a tongue on my asshole. I didn't know who it was but then he pulled his finger away and I felt his cock start to enter me. He began to fuck me while I was sucking this other guy's cock I felt him cum in my ass . It hurt at first but became okay after a few minutes. Then I felt another cock push into my ass. He about split my ass in two as he pushed his cock in. About that time the guy in my mouth came. It wasn't a lot but I tasted it all. Then a third guy came up and started ot mouth fuck me. I got the feeling they had done this before. I took his cum and another guy stuck his cock in my mouth. I was sucking cock after cock while being fucked by the guy who was splitting my asshole apart. But after a minute or so it started to feel good. He was a real stud and his cock hit my prostate with every thrust and my cock was hard not. I sucked every cock that was put into my mouth and when I had taken every load of cum they had to give me and there was no more cocks to mouth fuck me I still had that big cock in my asshole. He fucked me for another 10 minutes and someone put their mouth on my hard cock. It didn't take long and I was cumming. I can usually only cum once in a night so when he took his mouth off my cock I shriveled as the guy in my ass kept fucking me. After another 20 minutes he said he was cumming and filled my ass with his load. He pulled out and his cum dripped out of my ass down my ass cheeks.

Then decided they had enough and when we walked back upstairs into the living room the ladies were all sitting there.

After another half hour of chatting I decided it was time to go home. My girlfriiend drove me home. We went into the bedroom and I was about to pass out when she said her girlfriends had told her that I was going to suck cock and get fucked. I was drunk enough still to tell her everything and she even cleaned the cum out of my asshole. We finally got married a year later and on our honeymoon she had Jim come into our motel room and fuck me while she watched. It was the biggest cock I'd wver seen and when he finally came in my ass I was sucking my new wife's cunt. She came as well and it was one of the greatest nights I'd ever had. We have been swingers from the get-go and over the next four years I've sucked more cocks and been ass fucked more times than I could count. I just love both cock and cunt.