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My wife died in a car accident when she was 57 years old. I was devastated and for nearly six years could hardly function as a human being. Gradually I started going to the local Senior Center. We played Bingo, checkers and a host of other easy games. I didn't feel like a really old man but figured I'd live out my last decades alone and fairly miserable. I had some male and female friends but there was never any spark between any of us. I attended church a number of times during the year but found that lacking a little also. However one Sunday morning a man named Donnie befriended me. he invited me to their house for lunch that afternoon. I was 67 years old and he was about 45. Debbie was about the same age. Over the next several months Dennis and I became pretty good friends. We went golfing, if you could call it golfing, fishing and I helped him restore an old pickup truck.

One day as he was driving me home from church he said that Debbie was home preparing a special treat for that night and insisted I join them. Of course I accepted and he drove over to their place. It didn't seem like anything really special. A nice afternoon meal and watching football. We were drinking beer during the football game. I wasn't much of a drinker so after about four or five I was getting pretty drunk. At halftime Dennis said he was going to make a beer run and would be about a half hour. No sooner did he leave and Debbie scooted over on the couch and sat on my lap facing me. I looked a little goofy at her and she said "I've noticed you have quite the package down here. Her hand reached under her and she grabbed my cock. I'll admit she is attractive and my cock started to rise a little with her hand on it. Before I could say anything she found my mouth and kissed me. She broke the kiss and said that since I'd been a good friend to her husband that they both thought I deserved a special treat. I started to protest and she assured me that Dennis was perfectly okay with this, that it was even his idea.

Who was I to argue, especially when she slid off of me and unzipped my pants. She pulled my cock out and commented at my girth and length. It was true that I was larger than most and fairly thick but I hadn't even been able to jerk off for the last several years. I hadn't had a good blowjob in four decades and I was drunk enough to let her proceed. She sucked me hard and kept sucking when I said I was about to cum. She just shook her head yes and kept sucking as I exploded. I filled her mouth to the point she had to spit about half of it out, and all over my cock and balls. "Oh fuck" I said as she finished me off.

As soon as she took her mouth off I heard Dennis say "Bravo honey. That was fucking fantastic." I didn't see him come in as he sat next to me and opened the case of beer he brought in. We drank some more and I was drunk enough that I didn't even tuck m cock back in. My pants and shorts were still down around my ankles and I must have put away another four or five before Debbie spoke again. "So stud, you ever suck a cock." I slurred something about not being gay but she just ignored me. Then she said to Dennis "Go ahead honey, show him what you got." He stood up and pulled his pants off. His cock was pretty much sticking out. It wasn't as big as mine but I knew I couldn't take it all in my mouth. Then I wondered why I was even thinking that way. Then Debbie took my shirt off and they laid me down with my head hanging off of one of the arms of the couch. "Just relax and enjoy it" she said as Dennis stepped up to me and tilted my head back a little more.

Without even thinking I opened my mouth when he put his cock up to my lips. Go ahead Terry suck it. I put my lips around the head and he gently started to mouth fuck me.I had never done this before but knew I wanted to keep going. My head was reeling as I sucked him even harder and tasted his pre-cum as it oozed into my mouth. I actually liked the taste and sucked him even harder. Then I felt my legs being listed and Debbie was licking my asshole. I let her and didn't even want to stop her. My wife had never done anything like that and I was loving it. Then I felt a finger enter me and she started to slowly finger fuck me. Dennis didn't cum and finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. He told Debbie to switch. Shen pulled me off the couch onto the carped and Debbie squatted over my face and put her cunt on my mouth. Dennis said to go ahead and tongue fuck her. I started to lick her slit and nibbling on her clit when I felt his cock against my asshole. He slowly pushed in and finally pushed past my muscle. I grunted but was too fucked up to fight him. Then he started to fuck me. While I was eating Debbie she leaned over and took my cock back in her mouth. I didn't think I could get hard again but she was good. Dennis fucked me for about 10 minutes and said he was going to fill me up. She mumbled to go ahead and about that time I came again. She took it all this time. I passed out shortly after that and woke up in the morning on the floor with a blanket over me and a pillow under my head.

They were already up and came into the living room. Dennis explained they were swingers and both loved sex with either men or women. They said that I had a lot to offer and wanted me to join them on a regular basis. It took me batting drunk a few more times and letting him fuck me before I was fully on board but by the time I turned 70 I found that my cock worked just fine and I loved fucking them both. Not only them but it has opened up a whole new world I never imagined I would be a part of.