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Me and my best friend hit puberty around the age of 11/12. We grew up out of town and we did not have any brothers or other boys around. We made out together but we wanted to know about boys. You must know, its long ago, and there have not been any smartphones and no internet. So we still played outside, or even in the Barns. And then we've heard some boys whispering about doing goats and calves. The first ever we heard about humans being able to have sex with animals. Living with us on the farm of my grandparents and mom and dad has been Boris. He was a dog. Sized like a german sheperd I think, but he was a mix. We have often seen him running around with this nice red glistening tip under his belly and we have always giggled about it. Now it got a new meaning for us. we thought about if it might be possible doing some with a dog, like the boys did with the goats. I don't know, who it was but then we have been in the barn with boris and he let us touch the sack unter his belly. and the red top showed. over the weeks we got him to lick our cunnies and it was even better, than when we both did it. He was our friend for the following 4 years, then he died. he did lick us both and sometimes we started doing him too. We've heard of blowjobs and tried it on him. He seemed very happy about it and wanted it all the time. we have never been brave enough to let him fuck us. we only did handjobs and doral.