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Yes I am. My grandma and I made love for the first time years ago. After my grandpa's funeral I told my parents that I will stay with grandma for a while. I was 16 then and my grandparents lived in the same part of town. so I just got some clothes and my school utilities and moved in with my granndma. she has been 64 then and because of my grandpa's really unexpected death, she was very depressed. IT happened in the 3rd night. she came to me in the guestroom and begged me, to sleep near her in the large bed. She really missed my grandpa. We hugged a lot, but nothing more. But at being 16 I for sure got hardons. Sure she's quite old but my cock at that time was only interested in Tits. And my grandma had some. In the middle of the night I woke up because of someone's hand on my cock. She did not realize it, I think, because ma grandma still snored next to me. I tapped her on the shoulder but she did not wake up. So I layed back on my pillow and concentrated on her hand and my cock. I never imagined my grandparents still having sex at their age. But she knew what to do with a hard cock. she jerked me off like an expert and I did not last long. When I came down from my orgasm, I looked in my grandmas eyes. she apologized again and again until I took her and hugged her. She had started it in her sleep (or dream) and woke up in the moment she brought me to squirt. She has been shocked about what she had done and it cost me a lot of work, to calm her down. Finally I took her hand and put it again down on my cock, which again was hard then. she got big eyes and then even got a red face. but she did not take her hand away.

The next night I went to her room, when we went to bed and layed down beside her, without her coming and get me to. She looked at me, but then she smiled. For a while we layed there just hugging and she told me she needed that. then after a while her hand went down to my hard cock. this time she was awake and she nevertheless jerked me. I again came over her hand and she did not do anything to wipe it off. we layed there for a while, then sie asked me if I ever had sex with a girl. I had not and I told her. Suddenly she started rummaging and then, she apologized again and climbed on top of me. She's just tiny and it was no problem for me, but then she suddenly took my still hard cock and sat down on it. It lasted a moment until I realized what happened. I was inside her. later she told me the rummaging before was because she had to take off her pantie and because of her age, she had to put some oil in her vagina to become slippery. That night I had my very first real sex.

In between I am 32 and my grandma just became 80. We've had a big Party and although I'm married, I stayed the night with her and we've had a night of hot and dirty sex. My wife knows about our past and she's ok with it. She even watched some times (when we visit my grandma) and she even masturbated while watching but she does not want to join in. It's ok with me.

Lars from Copenhagen