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Both myself and my husband are in our 60's, quite active and still enjoy a great sex life. Recently my husband declared that he really wanted to spank me? Now this all came as surprise as he has never shown any urge to do this to me in the past. I gave an under taking to think about it and came to a decision that what harm could it do? So I told my husband that I was OK with his new found desire.

He was very happy with my decision, however this is where it gets a little difficult, he told me that he really wanted to spank my naked bottom, not through clothes but directly onto my bear bum? Also to add to the confusion, on my part, he told me he needed me to be "naughty" and tell him about it for him to really enjoy spanking me.? I am not a sex goddess or anything like that, but what does he mean by me being "naughty" and do I have to be "naughty" or just pretend to be?