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My mom had me when she was 35. My dad was a trucker and gone for weeks at a time so my mom didn't have anything to do at night but drink. She often got drunk and changed her clothes into a near see-through blue nightie. I often saw her nipples through her nightie. One Friday night she was drinking very heavy with her sister. They were both drunk so I went to bed. I was laying there naked stroking my cock when they both walked in. I have been blessed with a seven inch cock and can cum buckets at that time. When they walked in they noticed me before I noticed them. My aunt said "You're right, his cock is huge." I didn't know if my cock was big or just average but my aunt seemed impressed. I tried to cover up and Aunt Deb said to just keep going.

They staggered over to the bed and Aunt Deb was already removing her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and I got a good look at her tits. They were both drunk out of their minds but when mom pulled her nightie over her head I almost came right then. Aunt Deb crawled on the bed and straddled my chest. She moved a little forward and her cunt was on my mouth. She said it was time I learned to tongue fuck a nice cunt. Her cunt was clean shaven and I didn't have much choice but to start licking her pussy. At the same time I felt my mom kneel between my legs and take my cock in her mouth. "Oh fuck" I said as she started to suck me. Aunt deb grabbed my hands and put them on her tits. Then she asked me if I had ever fucked a woman before. When I told her no she smiled and said to my mom it was time. Mom took her mouth off of my cock and mounted me. She lowered her pussy onto my cock and plunged down. Her hands reached around and grabbed Aunt Deb's tits. She kept saying "Oh fuck honey, you're so much bigger than your dad." She must have said that five or six times and was bouncing on my cock until I couldn't hold it any longer. I still had my tongue in Aunt Deb's cunt when I felt my balls contract and I started to cum. I pinched Aunt Deb's nipples as I started cumming. Then mom yelled she was cumming also. At the same time Aunt Deb came in my mouth. I tasted her juice as she squirted into me. Then mom hopped off of me and took my cock back into her mouth. Aunt Deb was still on my face when mom said she needed my seed in her mouth. She sucked me for the next 15 minutes and I got hard. She kept sucking until I was ready to cum again. She could tell when I was ready so I didn't have to say anything and when I came in her mouth she swallowed every fucking drop.

When I was spent then traded places and I was sucking my cum out of mom's throat. Then I felt my legs being lifted and Aunt Deb was licking my asshole. This was a first but it felt fucking great. Whe licked my asshole for about another 10 minutes while I tongue fucked my mom. I must have sucked all of my cum out of mom's cunt and was hard again with only a tongue in my ass. Then Aunt Deb said she really wanted to fuck me. She got off of the bed and when she came back in she got on the bed and I felt something push against my asshole. She was wearing a strap-on and pushed it in. She started to fuck me and mom turned around. Her cunt was still on my mouth and she took my cock in her mouth. She was sucking me while Aunt Deb fucked me. It took a while but I finally started cumming. There was no pain in my ass but only pleasure as I had something fucking my ass for the first time.

When I was finally spent they got off of me and took me into the living room. Mom brought out another case of beer and had me drink as much as I could stand. When I woke up in the morning I was laying between the both of them. They were stirring when I tried to get out of bed. Aunt Deb had her hands on my cock and balls and said that whatever I had to do I could to right here. I told her I had to piss and she clamped her mouth on my cock and mom said to piss in her mouth. I wasn't real comfortable with this but after a couple minutes of mom playing with my asshole and balls and Aunt Deb still sucking me I couldn't hold it any longer. I filled her mouth with my piss and she swallowed faster than I could piss. I thought this was both disgusting and erotic.

Over the next three years I sucked and fucked both mom and Aunt Deb until I joined the Navy. I realized that first night that they were lesbians with each other but alos loved a big cock as well. I'm married now with three kids but every time I go over to mom's when dad was on the road I get her cunt and her mouth on my cock and in my asshole. I love mom and only wish that it was proper to marry her instead of a younger version of her. I guess I'll just keep fucking her while my wife is no wiser. What a fucking slut mom is, but then again I'm just as much of a sex slut.