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My wife and I have been married for 5 years, and we have fucked nearly every day of our marriage. We are toxic for each other, but the sex is so great, it’s hard to leave. We usually start each time with some foreplay. I’ll start by sucking on her nipples, gently biting them until they get hard in my mouth. When I run my hand down her belly to feel her pussy, she is already so wet, my finger slides easily between her shaved lips, over her clitoris and into her vagina. Still sucking her nipples, I bring two fingers inside of her, pressing my fingertips forward into her g-spot. I love the way she arches her back, moaning into my ear as she presses harder onto my fingers. I use my other hand to playfully tug on her long hair, before I grab a handful and pull her head aside, exposing her neck to my mouth. I go in for a vampire’s kiss, but instead start working on a hickey, more forcefully grinding the pads of my fingers inside her. At this point, she’s usually started to squirt a bit. I can feel her juices running down my hand, flowing over my knuckles that help spread her tight pussy open. She’s working her whole lower abdomen on my hand now. I can feel her vaginal walls quivering rapidly, tightening around my two fingers buried deep inside her. My middle and ring fingers press quickly together against her g-spot, and I let go of her neck to see a deep red welt where my mark will show later. I focus on pushing harder into her pussy, nearly lifting her hips off the bed as she begins bucking rhythmically against the pressure. I look into her eyes and watch them widen, before slowly rolling backwards. Her lips part gently, then open wide, and I feel the orgasm erupt inside of her. As she lets out a low, loud moan, her warm cum gushes out in waves, soaking the towel we always have to set down for just this moment. I keep my fingers pushed tightly into her, no longer moving, but applying constant pressure to a single spot towards her belly button. After a few moments, she begins to relax just slightly, and I am able to move my fingers again. I slowly pull out, and bring my fingers to her still open mouth. I tease her by dodging her lips, until she sticks her tongue out, and I run my milky fingertips along her outstretched tongue and into her mouth. I’ve never known a woman who liked her own taste, but she sucks her own cum clean off my fingers. I’m usually hard as a petrified tree by now, so she bends over and throws her ass into the air, presenting her sex to me like a dog in heat. By the time I’m sliding up behind her, she’s nearly grabbing at my cock to guide it between her labia. All it takes is one quick motion of rubbing the tip of my cock down to her clitoris and back, and I’m sliding easily inside her, feeling the warmth of her body envelope my loins, beckoning me for a child. She won’t ever have kids, due to a medical accident, so we never worry about birth control. After I pound her from behind for what feels like an entire episode of Unsolved Mysteries, I finally release my body and fill her with my seed. She fucking loves that, and cums again, feeling my warm semen jet inside her. When she squirts again, my cum streams out of her with all the fluids she releases. I pull out and watch my creampie ooze down her thighs. Sometimes we go again after a short break. Sometimes we nap with the TV starting another episode. Sometimes we start arguing about chores around the house, and piss each other off, and I sleep on the sofa watching porn.

We’re really not compatible emotionally, but fuck it. We both love fucking each other.