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Some weeks ago I accidentally met a good friend from school times at Stockholm in our youth. Its nearly 20 years ago and we had to talk so he invited me to his home last weekend. He has a nice wife and 2 beautiful kids. A boy of 12 and a girl of 2 1/2. we had a barbecue and talked about the old times. his wife knew most of the stories and we've had a real good time. We sat on the paptio and the kids were inside. after the barbecue, his wife went inside and got their little girl who still was breastfed by her mom. she did it outside with us and i felt it some kind of exciting, not more. We still talked. But then something happened, what I will not forget. their son came outside too and sat with us. he did not say a word, he just watches his mom feeding the girl. neither my friend nor his wife did say anything to him so it must have been wellknown to them. But then his wife told her husband that the girl might be full and begged him to get her in the house. He took her from his wife and went inside and then it happened. I got big eyes, the boy jumped up, went to his mom and sat on her lap. He took one of her breasts out of her bra and shirt and held it with both hands and then he put the nipple in his mouth and sucked. A 12 year old, who gets breastfed by his mom. My friend came back again and he only said, that the boy should not get jealous. I don't get this picture out of my mind. And I think all the time, if the boy has had an erection while sucking.