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Since my divorce I spend a great deal of time dressed as my feminine persona, Lucie. I have secretly crossdressed since a young teen and revealed myself to very few people until recently. I met a guy named Tom on a dating site and I have been his dirty little secret for nearly a year. He is married with a couple of grown kids like me. We are quite similar except I like to dress like a woman. We meet a few times a month at my place and on two occasions he fucked me in his marital bed while I wore his wife's lingerie. The second time he fucked me bareback and when he came inside me it made me feel so utterly feminine.

His wife went away for the weekend so Tom invited me over to his place. I sat at his wife Kim's dressing table and started on my makeup, he had already laid out an outfit for me to wear. Twenty minutes later and dressed in his wife's sexy lingerie I slipped on my heels and went down the stairs. I heard voices from the stairs and thought it must be the television. Instead to my shock there was another guy there, Tom told me to suck his cock and began taking pictures. This was a first and made me uncomfortable, but I still took his friend John's big dick in my mouth. Tom put his phone down and worked his cock up my ass. The feeling that came over me as these two men used me is indescribable, I was their source of pleasure and they fed and fucked me till the next morning. I love my life as a slut.