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I stayed a virgin through high school and somehow even through college. I was a 21 year old young woman when I met Derrick. I was out with some of the girls from the office I had recently started working at and we were drinking a bit. A young man named Derrick asked me to dance. I accepted and we danced a few dances and he bought me another couple of drinks. He ushered me over to the bar. We were on the end where nobody could see us and were standing there just chatting when I felt his hand on my ass. I figured it was all innocent so I didn't do anything. He was rubbing my ass cheeks when I felt his hand under my skirt and on the inside of my thigh. I thought this was too much and told him to stop but his hand moved a little farther up and he was forcing his fingers inside my pussy. I felt my nipples harden and he whispered that he had known me from afar for a couple of years. I didn't stop him even though I wanted to. His fingers felt better than my own and the more he finger fucked me the wetter I got. I knew it wasn't the best thing to do but I opened my legs a little and was melting even though I was drunk. I came a minute later and then we were innocently standing back at the bar. He asked if he could call me for a date and his smile and eyes won me over. Even though I initially thought he violated me that first night made me fall for him.

We dated for a month or so before he made any other moves. I got hornier every time we went out and one night on the way home from dinner I reached over and started stroking his crotch. He pulled into an abandoned parking lot and turned to kiss me. I had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner and was a bit buzzed. As we kissed his hand reached in to massage my tits. I had seen some porn but had never even given a second thought to blowing a guy but the feeling overwhelmed me and when we broke the kiss I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It looked huge although I had nothing to compare it to. He didn't insist nor did he push me. I went down on him voluntarily. I wrapped my lips around his cock and my pussy got wet. He was soon hard and said "Honey that is the greatest feeling I've ever had." That was the first time he called me honey. A few minutes later his cum had filled my mouth and I didn't want to make a mess to I decided to swallow it all. I was surprised that I actually liked it. When I had sucked him dry I sat up a little embarrassed. He assured me it was natural and that was the most loving thing anybody had ever done to or for him. The next night we ended up with him eating me and we fucked for the first time. That was also my first time and as I was cumming I pulled his hands down to my nipples and told him to pull hard. He did and that enhanced my orgasm.

We fucked regularly for the next six months and at a romantic dinner he asked me to marry him. I accepted and seven years later we're still in love and fuck several times a week. I'm pretty meek at work and at church but at night I let it all hang out and take his cock in every hole and anytime he wants. I probably masturbate more than he does but there's nothing like his big dick inside me. We want children but until that happens we will fuck like rabbits and make each other cum as much as possible.