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Here is something I cannot figure out my wife and I have been married for around 10 years our sex life is good and we enjoy each other's company before we got married I had friends that knew her that said she was slut however I never saw it and we did well together one of her friends did tell me that she had a problem with promiscuity but I never thought anyway back to the present she is 35 and I am 40 as I said the sex life is good she will roll play if I ask you to do something she enjoys when I use a dildo liner she's very fun and here is what I don't understand she is a bar manager for a large restaurant and has been doing that for over 8 years and all during that time I know that she goes out after work and sometimes gets fuck I just know it when you come home at 3 in the morning and you take a shower something is up and here's what I don't understand she never has the same guy or boyfriend she likes a different guy every time and yet we have a good relationship and sex life so what I can't figure out is why does she fuck so many other guys if you know about this any experience in this situation let me know cuz I can't figure it out thank you