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I must say that, I’m blessed with a very thin cock. He’s not short, he’s 17 cm long but looking to my friends when we shower after sports or when we do our circle jerks as all teenage boys do, mine is very slim. Almost only the half of the other boys. My grandma, with who I could talk about anything and who I told it, had looked at it and said, it has the thickness of an early teenage boy but the length of an adult. I have been 15, when I fort he first time showed it to a girl. We had been at the cinema and on the way back we made a Stop on a bench in our park. We kissed a lot and she accepted my Hand under her shirt. And she tou-ched my cock outside my pants. I opened my fly and took „him“ out. The first she said was, thats thin! OK, I knew already. But then she said something, I will never forget. She told me, that it’s the ideal Cherrybreaker. Even because it’s so thin. The length is good fort he girl to feel it deep inside her and the thinness is good for not hurting so much. That evening I „only“ got a blowjob from her but 2 weeks later she invited me to her home and she had me take her little sisters virginity (of course the sister wanted it too!). It seems to be true, the little girl, from the look still more kid than adult, only felt a very quick pain, then only fun and joy.