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Growing up my dad was a trucker and out of town for weeks at a time. When I was about 12 I started to notice my mom's tits. She had big floppy tits and large nipples. She used to parade around the house in her almost see-through nightie in the evenings. She liked to drink beer and was usually hammered by about 9:00. What I didn't know was that she got really horny when she was drunk and when I turned 16 she offered me a beer one Friday night. I drank it. Then I drank another. By the fifth beer I was pretty fucked up. She had been drinking pretty heavily all afternoon and by about 8:00 we were both reeling pretty good. We were watching some cop show on TV and she grabbed the remote and said it was time I learned a thing or two. I was shocked when she put on Insatiable with Marilyn Chambers.

I was a little embarrassed but she just kept assuring me that this was what grownups did all the time. When, on the movie she gave this guy a ride and pulled into a secluded area I felt her hand on my thigh. She said "Relax honey, you're gonna get my special treatment." When Marilyn took that guy's cock in her mouth my mom unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She asked "who would I tell?" I told her nobody and she took my cock in her mouth. I felt like I had a pretty nice cock. It was about seven inches long hard and fairly thick and she took the whole fucking thing in her mouth. She didn't say anything but mimicked pretty much what was on the TV. My cock was so fucking hard that when I felt I was gonna cum and told her she reached up and started to pull on my nips. "Oh fuck" I said offhandedly and started to cum. I don't know if she even tasted it as I was buried in her throat and she sucked me until I was spent and started to get hard.

She sucked me until I started to get a bit soft and pulled her mouth off of me. She sat on my lap and put an exposed nipple on my mouth. She said to suck it. I started to suck on her nipple and my cock started to get hard again. Then she asked if I had ever fucked a real woman before. I was speechless when she asked if I had ever fucked anybody. I shook my head no and she scooted down and took my cock back in her mouth. This was my mom sucking my dick but I was so fucked up I didn't give a shit. Se sucked me hard then got back up on my lap. This time though she lowered her cunt on my cock and in one swift motion dropped down. "Holy fuck" I said as she started to fuck up and down on my cock. She leaned down and kissed me. I wasn't real comfortable with this but when her tongue parted my lips I decided that if I was ever gonna enjoy getting fucked that this was as a good a time as any. She fucked me like this for about five minutes and got off of me. She knelt next to me with her chest resting on the couch. She told me to get behind her and shove my big cock in her cunt. I did and proceeded to fuck her for nearly 15 minutes.

I was ready to cum and when I warned her she quickly pulled me out of her and turned around. She said to let her have it and put her mouth around the head of my cock. I emptied my nuts in her mouth and she took it all.

T=The next thing I remember was waking up naked in her bed with her sucking my cock again. I knew we were both pretty sober and I nearly stopped her but decided that if she wanted to suck my cock I'd let her. Then things turned kinky. I told her I had to piss and started to get up. She said she loved to drink her man's piss and to let her have it. About that time I felt a finger being shoved into my asshole. Her mouth was still on my cock and I said I was about to piss. She put my whole cock in her mouth and shook her head yes. I relaxed enough and filled her mouth with my piss. What a kinky fucking bitch mom was but I was loving it. She swallowed every fucking drop of my piss and kept sucking until I got hard and came again.

That started my life of incest with her. Nobody, not even my wife now could suck a cock like mom. I visit her several times a month and a couple of times my wife was with me but mom didn't care. She asked me to look at something in the basement or in the bathroom and sucked my cock with my wife in the living room. We've been going on like this for nearly 15 years now and I don't know if my wife is the wiser. I don't plan on stopping fucking my mom and getting blown by her. At least as long as my wife doesn't find out.