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My wife and me only have one child and that's our daughter. Once she was born and turned 6 we decided to have someone at home with her. So my wife started working afternoons and I worked days that way one of us was with her always.

When she turned 9 I noticed she started to grow tits and I found myself being turned on by her. I mean after all my wife and me were down to maybe two times a month on a good month. So one night after dinner I told my daughter that I was going to have a nap and for her to wake me up in a hour.

In about a hour my daughter come in my bedroom and as I sleep nude she stopped with her eyes glued to my cock. She said "Daddy you awake." I didn't say a word so she touch my leg and when I didn't move she moved her hand to my cock. It jumped at her touch and it scared her so she pulled her hand away and pulled the sheet over me before waking me up.

This went on for a few days and by the next week she got to where she would wrap her fingers around my cock as she looked at it. After maybe 3 or 4 times of her doing that I wrapped my hand over hers and said "It's ok honey, your hand feels good on me but if you do this it will feel even better." as I showed her how to jack me off.

The first time I shot off it scared her but soon she found she enjoyed doing it and that's when I said it was time for her to have some fun too. I showed her where here clit is and I showed her how to rub it to make it feel very good. With in a week I had her sitting on my face as I licked her to her first orgasm with her jacking me off at the same time. Last week I put some lube on my cock and had her slid her pussy back and forth on my cock. I played with her tiny tits and even pushed a finger against her little asshole as she orgasmed on top of me.

I'm not sure how long it will be before we start fucking but my next step is to teach her how to give great head and swallow.