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It started at the age of 15. That year I went to YMCA camp for three weeks. After the first couple if days, u found myself attracted to a man with a kind face and chubby all over. He was soft spoken and caught me looking at him several times. That weekend we were scheduled for a hike to the lake and back. I went to him and said I really didn't want to go. He said it was ok with him if I wanted to remain in camp.

After all the other guys left, I went to his cabin. I knocked on the door and when he answered, he was only wearing a pair of boxers that didn't hide his cute cock. We sat and talked for awhile untill he stood in front of me and pulled me close so I could feel his cock against my face. I reached up and helped him out of his underwear. I then felt him rubbing my face all over with his cock.

That led to many afternoons and evenings of me sucking his cock and swallowing all his cum.