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A aunt came to my shop wanting her wardrobe glued together. Both of them where made in the 50's.

I asked her if she can bring it in. No, I have to go to her place.

Said and done.

I was working away and needed her help to wrap a ratchet strap around the whole wardrobe to keep it together while glue dried.

She bend over to pick up loose end and I look town her blouse. Nice older tits in red bra. I seen aunty nude once in a sauna about 30 years ago.

I ask her if she still goes to sauna and she said yes. So we made a date and went while my wife was at work.

Aunt is a GILF with saggy body. Since it is a public sauna, I could not make a move. On way home I commented on her body and that it aroused me.

She laughed and said she is a old woman and related. My comment was that this is an extra thrill.

I asked her to suck on her nipples and she agreed. Much to my surprise. I got hard while sucking and started masturbating. Aunt looked on for a few seconds and took over. I almost came immediately, shooting my load over her large and saggy tits.

End of the week I go back to her place to finish the wardrobe. maybe she is more acceptably then.