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One day after Sunday School LeaAnn came up behind me and put her arms on my shoulders. She moved her hands down and was rubbing my nipples. I think my wife saw it but I pulled her hands back and said it was inappropriate. She apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. I told her not to be so resolute, that it just couldn't be in Church. She said she wouldn't do it again on Sunday.

A couple weeks later she called my wife and asked if I could come over and look at her dishwasher. My wife had no problem with this so I headed over. I was down on my knees checking out her dishwasher when her hands landed on my shoulders. Then I noticed her hands back on my nipples and she was nuzzling against my neck. She whispered that she wanted me inside her. I stood up and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. When I asked what my wife would think she said it would be our little secret. About that time she put her hand on my cock and said that was what she really wanted. She said her husband had left her a couple months ago and she really needed a cock.

I wasn't sure what to do when I felt her hand inside my zipper and pulling my cock out through my shorts. Then she said she wanted to shower me. She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. She stripped and told me to strip. When I did she started the shower and told me to get in. I did and she followed me. She soaped me up and when her hand reached my cock I was instantly hard. Then her hand was between my ass cheeks and she was rubbing my asshole. She said to bend over and as I did her finger entered my ass. It was the greatest feeling I'd ever had. She fingered my ass for a bit and pulled out. She said that she had to have me as her lover. She finished washing me and even dried me off from head to toe and told me to meet her in the bedroom.

I was laying on the bed as she came in and laid on top of me with my cock between her legs. She said she loved me and wanted me to fuck her like no man had ever done. I was kissing her and playing with her nipples. She kept saying to pull them harder and I had her nips stretched out as about as far as they would go when she finally plunged down on my cock. My cock isn't huge but is large enough to please her. She fucked me until I came inside her and kept fucking me until my cock got hard again. She came at least twice while fucking me then before I came a second time she hopped off of me and knelt between my legs. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me until I came a final time that night. She sucked me until I had no more to give. I was totally spent. Then she said I better get home before my wife got suspicious.

I walked into the house that night and my wife was watching TV. She asked if I was able to fix LeeAnn's dishwasher. I told her I was able to make her appliance floe free. Little did she know I was speaking about LeeAnn's cunt, not her dishwasher tut I think I got away with it. For the next seven years I "Helped" LeeAnn out with various tasks. Little did my wife know it was her pussy I was making right again. I fucked her so much I thought my wife would ultimately notice, but she never did. My wife is sort of a prude and doesn't want sex very often. She thought I was celibate as well but unaware that I've gotten more pussy from our friend LeeAnn than I ever did with my wife. Man I mess her. I guess It's back to three times a year with my wife.