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So the other night was the second time I've ever done this. I was talking with my gf about links and even went to the adult store and got some toys. So she asked how deep some of my kinks go and I said "piss play" very shy like. I told her that I like peeing on and getting peed on and that I've even pissed inside someone before. She asked were in the house would I do something like that and I said anywhere really just gotta put stuff down for it first.

So the night went on and she started blowing me on the couch. She gives the best head I've ever had. Everything from her juicy lips to the way she works her tongue is perfect. I pushed her back and took of her pants and began to eat her delicious pussy. And when she gets going her clit is easy to find and I suck and tongue flick the hell out of it. She didnt want to cum yet so we stripped and got the toys out.

I just bought a Hitachi wand and a but plug set. It's a trainer set because I have a thick cock and she wants me to fuck her in the ass but she's got to work up to it. So the little one was too small so we tried the middle and that fit for now. She was on all 4s and I was playing her clit with the vibrater while pushing the but plug in and out. The I too the rather large but plug and stuck it in her pussy. Then I positioned the wand between both plugs and had them both vibrating while I played with her clit with my free hand. She squirted so damn much.

Then I gave her a second removed the wand and plug in her pussy. I flipped her over on her back and fucked her with the but plug in her ass. The plug fell out and then I realized, we had been drinking, and needed to pee.

I fucked her slowly and then asked her "hey do you want to try that peeing inside thing, because I need to take a sec and go piss if not." She looked at me with her legs up on my shoulders and my fat cock buried in her and said "Go for it I'm curious how it feels" if I hadn't had to piss so bad I'd have cumned hard at that point. It took a sec and I had to concentrate but I started unloading my bladder inside her. She giggled at first and said it was warm and as kept going the look of pleasure and cumming came over her face. She told me there's so much pressure. She started to cum just from the piss and I started pushing in and out. We were on the edge of the bed and when the seal broke I felt hot piss drip down my balls and legs. I started to fuck the piss out of her and she kept cumming and squirting and I just unloaded my cum into her tight wet pussy. It was fucking glorious.

I helped her stand up and she came again and I asked her why. She replied I can feel it all run out of me. I cant wait to do it again but maybe in her ass next time. I want her to sit on my face and just force me to drink her piss. I fucking love this girl and cant wait to do so many kinky things with her.