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So this is my darkest fantasy, and I've told no one this at all and need a place to let it out. I'm a 30 year old gay male and have been into bestiality for many years and have performed in several porn videos as well. Something about animal cock and cunt (only types of females I'll enjoy lol) just gets me rock hard. However that's not the darkest fantasy of mine. As of recent I've been mulling more and more over... well... younger males, specifically human males. I'm gay by nature and love a good cock in general be it from man or beast so long as it cums, but the thought of not only teaching someone younger the ways of bestiality but also engaging in it with them as well just makes me feel that more horned up. So in short you could call me a hebephile.

The fantasy is this. I make a considerable amount of money on my own terms and could easily support one other individual should I be the only one to hold a job. At this point I consider myself past my prime to have any genetic offspring of my own given the length of maturity it would take for my future heir to be considered "prime" so I've also now started considering adoption into this fantasy as well.

Basically I would adopt a younger one (5-10 preferably) so as to keep intact a sense of innocence before that age of exploration would begin. After raising them for a time, teaching them all that I know from my life experiences and educating them through a home school system, I would wait for them to reach that age of puberty where they would explore their sexual feelings and desires.

I of course would have been monitoring them the whole time through home surveillance from in the bathroom and their room to every other corner of the property I own. I would have several animals at this point from horses to dogs (the most commonly played with animals) so as to provide them an opportunity to engage with them on their own free will.

To encourage this I would have a shack or mobile home one the property (aside from my own home) and would have it (or at least one room of it) stacked with a TV, couch, and gay human (and gay human puppy play since it's my favorite type ;P) and beast material in it along with how to guides that I would prepare for their easy interpretation. I would eventually (after finding out they were sexually curious through surveillance) tell them that I found an abandoned place that I don't have time to look through, and if they wanted to look through it and make sure the place seemed safe I would let them have it as their own little clubhouse. The place would be riddled with surveillance as well so I could monitor activity within.

Upon noticing them starting to engage with the animals with either horses in the stable, dogs in the kennel, or in their clubhouse, I would then begin to chart their patterns till I could find a correct point to "walk in on them" in the act after they had been engaging in it for a time. I would of course act shocked and tell them to stop what they were doing, although also reassure them that I'm not angry and need to talk to them in half an hour after they got decent.

It would be during that talk I would tell them that while although I'm not angry with them I would also express how concerned I am as well as what they are doing is highly punsihalable by law (only 3 or 4 states don't have legislation against bestiality at this point) and would tell them that I would be required by law to turn them over to authorities. This tactic would be used to elicit a sense of fear in them and a desire to remain safe and after I would express these questions while iterating that their answers would not be punished and that I am there to help them as their father to keep them safe...

"Do you really enjoy bestiality and gay sex?"

"If I allowed you to enjoy it, would you keep anyone else from knowing about it?"

And after receiving a yes from both I would proceed with the final point...

"I'll allow you to enjoy all of it and won't go to the authorities, but only under my supervision as I don't want you to get caught or even hurt while doing it"

If they agreed to it at that point I would then slowly introduce them to gay sex with myself first, exposing myself to them shortly after the talk (in the clubhouse more than likely for proper atmosphere and a male dog on standby) and would, in order, show them proper oral, have them please each of my balls back and fourth while wearing a ball splitter, then bring in a male dog for them to perform oral on and share the cock with them in a double suck.

After that I would teach them to enjoy anal and rimming on myself and the animals, female animal vaginal, ect., up to the point where he's old and big enough to french me while we're getting plowed by stallions balls deep (believe me, it's possible ;3)


Another way I fantasized about "catching him in the act" is my always leaving my bedroom door always slightly ajar and would be somewhat expressive while jerking off or pounding my hole with a large dildo while in my puppy hood, shortly after I found out them being sexually active with the animals as a easy early backup plan.

After doing my pleasure I would "pass out" in my hood and string jock strap in a chair with legs spread and simply wait for him to feel bold enough to come in and touch his father.

After some strokes or even some sucking on my tip I would "wake up" and act silently surprised and tell him to go to the kitchen table and sit before we had a talk. After coming down in a robe (string jock still on underneath) I would sit down and explain to him while although I'm not mad I'm very concerned (perhaps even scared) that what he's done would send me to jail and put him in a foster home (that I would relate to like a prison for children).

I would again ask a series of questions and remind them that I love them and am only there to help keep them safe if they tell their father the truth...

"Did you enjoy what you were doing?"


"If I showed you how to enjoy it right and keep it secret so nothing bad will happen to you or me, are you willing?"

From that point I would derobe in the kitchen, living room, or back on my bedroom, and proceed to slowly introduce them to sex, introducing them to animals shortly after and slowly build them up to anal and so on till they became as sexually perverse as myself.

Again at this juncture it's only a fantasy, but I'll admit it's slowly been on my mind more and more that I finally decided to share it for the first time on a forum. I've even been looking at adoption sites and even adoption law firms as well and don't know where I'm going with this. Maybe I'm just looking to let it all out finally, maybe see what others think of me and see the expected "you're a freak deserving of the most horroriffic death" or maybe something different altogether. Either way I feel better getting it out for one, so come what may. I'm still nonetheless curious as to what sort of attention this post will draw.