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I am a single male, thirties, and considered attractive. Childhood abuse has led to me being obsessively addicted to confinement in ways that would make normal people run screaming! I keep trying to meet a woman who would put up with, or make use of my weird needs, but most dates end the moment I raise the subject however delicately, with an impromptu trip to the rest room, never to return, or sometimes even the honesty of "too rich for me" which is okay. I began "lowering" my standards, and meeting older women, and things began to look up! Now it was more "What a shame to enclose such a nice body and pretty face in rubber..." which is a big step up. Then I met Pramela, a plump exotic Indian psych nurse, whose reaction to my lead-in of "I'm heavily into pretty extreme bondage" was 'giving or receiving' in an amiable tone. When I admitted 'receiving' her next question was 'how extreme?' in an equally amiable tone. I floundered a bit, wondering how graphic to be, and she sighed, and said "look - just be completely honest! It will save time and effort!"

So I told her I really wanted a long-term relationship - marriage even, with an incredibly dominant, "controlling bitch" who would take over and run my life for me, down to the tiniest detail. with really dreadful punishment for any lack of enthusiasm, obedience, or inattention, and keep me enclosed in several different rubber and latex outfits, I had purchased at great expense, pretty much permanently. I expected her to get up and leave then, instead of which she said in her neutral but heavily accented voice "You have my complete and undivided attention, young man! Please continue!" So I went on, and when I mentioned a desire to spend a LOT of time with my nose and mouth buried in a VERY demanding female sex-organ, unable to stop what was happening, she cut me off abruptly and said "Are you familiar with the phrase "be careful what you wish for...?" When I admitted familiarity, she said " I live with my twin sister, and we are willing to do about ANYTHING to make full use of a face in that manner" So I replied "Well, it sounds like a match made in Heaven!" to which she replied "Or Hell, maybe! You do realize that we would be utterly merciless in our desire for lengthy pleasuring in this manner. No excuses ever accepted for anything less than full enthusiasm and maximum effort. Can you handle that?" I said "Or die trying!" She snorted "Don't joke about that" and I replied "Who's joking?" That clinched it, and within a week, I had moved in with them, and for the last year, I have their generous clits in my mouth, inescapably, hour after entrancing hour, while locked up in a heavy rubber suit, whose only opening mirrors their openings. Use of a nasal canula ensures survival air, as I swallow their copious love-juices, helplessly, just wanting it to go on for ever! They are pleasant, polite and helpful, as long as their needs are met, and for a year now, I seem to be doing that. I know MY needs are being met, and then some!