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My baby grandaughter came into my bedroom in the middle of the night dressed in her short nightie and no panties. She asked if she could sleep with

Grampy, and I willingly allowed the four year old into my bed, and she snuggled close beside me. I could feel her warm little body, and the warmth of her bare pussy against my thigh. It made Grampy so hard, and I pressed closer to her. Then I felt her tiny hand against my boxers and her fingers reached inside to hold my erection. I started to lubricate with pre cum almost immediately and coating her little hand. I quietly slipped my underpants down so I was naked and loving the sensation of her bald pussy sliding back and forth against Grampy's slippery pee pee. It only took a minute or maybe too until I spurted several ropes of hot cum on the toddler's bare pussy. Maybe the best cum of my life.