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I went over to this guy's house after just having sex with a different guy. Cum leaking out of my pussy. I get over to the guy's place. We smoke and drink and things get steamy pretty quick. I'm kneeling in front of him with my ass sticking out giving him a blowjob. I then feel two cold hands grab my hips from behind. I stop and turn around. I don't know this guy... He says Hey and introduced himself. Asks if it's okay to fuck me. I turn back to guy1 and he tells me he's a close friend and that he wants to see how my pussy feels. I agree and get back in position. As I slide guy1's dick down my throat, I feel guy2 enter my leaky pussy. "Fuck, she's tight!" He shouts as his big dick pulls in and out of me.

They take turns getting a blowjob and fucking my pussy. After they've both cum a few times, guy2 says he's done. Guy1 stands me up and leans me over to the dining room table. I can barely recooperate when he pushes his wet dick in my ass. He finishes quickly and cums all over my ass and lower back.

I cleaned up in his bathroom and stole a few blunts on my way out.