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I'm a 38 year old married man. We have no children due to my wife's internal problems. It has even gotten to the point over the last several years that she won't even let me fuck her or suck my cock but once a month. It's really frustrating and I was going out of my fucking mind. Dave has been my next door neighbor for the past two years and is my sounding board. He listens to my complaining about my wife all the time. One night several months ago we were drinking in his family room watching the game and his wife was out for the night with her friends. I had a little too much to drink by halftime and when he asked about our sex life I just laughed and grabbed my crotch. I told him she won't even suck my cock anymore. He got this look on his face and said, "So, if that's all you need maybe I can help out." I was taken back and when I asked him what he meant he said that if I was discreet he would suck it for me. I thought he was kidding, but he said he really meant it. I told him to show me and stood up and faced him. To my surprise he unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. He took it in his mouth and sucked me until I came. He took all I had to give him.

Nothing more was said about it that day and a week later we were in the same place. We were getting drunk and his wife was gone for the afternoon and evening. About halftime he asked if I wanted a replay. I was drunk enough and said yes. He told me to strip and when I was naked he laid me on the couch and knelt between my legs. He said I was already hard as he put my cock in his mouth. He sucked me for about five minutes and sat up. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out. It was quite a bit bigger than mine and said it was my turn. I stared at his cock for a few seconds and knew I was going to suck him. I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. After a minute he pulled me off and took his clothes off. He said I was in for a treat and mounted me in a 69. His cock was in my mouth and I had my cock in his mouth. He started to play with my ass and was gently finger fucking me when I filled his mouth. He swallowed every drop and was still finger fucking me with two fingers. I told him it felt really good. Then he did the unexpected and moved to between my legs.

He had me get on the carpet on my hands and knees. I did and he scooted up behind me. I thought I knew what was coming. His fingers probed my asshole and then I felt him pull his fingers out and something larger was being pushed into me. He was shoving his cock into me. It felt so fucking good, even better than my wife's mouth on my cock. I pushed back as he thrust forward and he finally came in my ass. I welcomed it.

Over the next few months we played this scene several times and he finally introduced his wife into our sucking and fucking. My wife is none the wiser and we've been fucking nearly every weekend since then. It's just too bad my wife is such a cold fucking bitch. Well, maybe some day...