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As a teenager she put herself in many positions for me to have sex with her, coming to me in her panties and bra and want me to rub her back. Most

times she had no underwear on and would spread her legs so I could see her pussy or move her cute ass against me when lying down. Twice she snuck into my bed with no underwear and rubbed her ass against my crotch til I was hard. I thought it was my girlfriend coming home from work so I pushed my cock between her legs and started to go back and forth until I could feel myself ready to cum.I pulled back and put my cock against her asshole and came between her asscheeks, . Just then there were lights in the driveway and I said "who could that be " and I couldn't believe it when my daughter spoke up and said "it must be Becky" I said That I couldn't believe that you let me almost cum in you" She just smirked and snuck out before my girlfriend came in. There were many other times that things happened and I asked her about them when she became an adult. I confessed to her that I always did think about having sex with her but could never bring myself to do it. I was lucky enough to get a different girlfriend who was my daughter's age and we discussed daddy/daughter relationships. She convinced me to play her dad if I would let her play a daughter. She had me fuck her in her mom and dad's squeaky bed and was extremely excited as I played her dad. She noticed that I really enjoyed her as a daughter and wanted to know about mine and my daughter's relationship. . Did I ever think about fucking my daughter. I wasn't sure how to answer so she asked my daughter if I had ever asked to fuck her. Even though she denied it my girlfriend accused us of having had sex. The next time My daughter and I did some coke the conversation turned to sex. I said I knew we could not have sex but I liked hearing her talk about it. She told me that once her boyfriend hsd asked her to fuck his friend in front of him. I was shocked she would do that but would have liked to see her do that too! She also had me take almost nude pictures of her when her boyfriend was in jail, I kept copies and showed them to a couple of close friends and let them think I was fucking her to make them jealous. I told my daughter that I had told them about us and she said she just didn't want to ever meet them. I like telling people about my daughter because I want them to think that I have been fucking her for years, They always want me to describe what kind of a fuck she is. When I tell my daughter about this she gets embarrassed and doesn't want me to say intimate things about us. I tell her that I find it to be erotic to tell my friend about her sexual preferences and our escapades. I also informed m y daughter that whenever I had had sex with a woman in the past that I always fantasized that it was my daughter and it would always be more enjoyable when I came. I still to this day would like to fuck the shit out of my daughter but she would never agree to it now. She considers it all in the past and we should forget about it. I will never be able to forget those times especially the memory of her lifting her ass off the sheets so I could more easily slip off her panties, That's what I find to be the best memories. She admitted that she did enjoy the times I fingered her and made her cum and the times I put her hand on my hard cock to just hold it for a while or until I came in her hand. She said that she really wasn't asleep and I told her that I knew she wasn't and was liking it also. I told my daughter when she was in her forties that I should have fucked her more and made her do more things but she said that she was glad I didn't as she thought she would have turned out all messed up.