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I had about 12 people at my house for Thanksgiving. Family and friends. To include my relatively new girlfriend and her 6 year old granddaughter, Amanda. After the meal, I wanted to watch football but no one else was interested. They all wanted to watch movies. So I went upstairs to my bedroom to watch football. After a while, my girlfriend and Amanda came upstairs to my bedroom and my girlfriend asked if Amanda could stay up here with me and take a nap. Of course. She laid down on the bed beside me. she tossed and turned and squirmed for quite a while. Finally I asked her what's the problem. She said she was having a hard time going to sleep. She asked me if I would rub her back. She turned over on her stomach and I started gently and slowly rubbing her back. One thing led to another, and I spent most of the afternoon and well into the evening with my hand inside her panties.