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Today, I'm 25, back when I was 10 yo, almost 11, I reached puberty with a vengeance, my mom, 30 then, had started noticing with a very arousing look on her face. She had such a hot body, especially when she was in her bikini.

I also had a pregnancy fetish since I was 9, it started when this lady across the street from us was pregnant. The summer I was 9, she came out of her house in her bikini bra and tight short shorts stretched over her cantaloupe sized baby bump. The look of her tummy between her bra and short shorts, especially when she was, I think 5 months pregnant made my dick throb even for age 9.

My room back then faced the street, so it was no problem stripping to my stretchy little boxer briefs, and with a computer in my room, I went on line looking at pregnant women in their underwear, my dick wiggled in my boxer briefs, especially with those over the belly maternity panties, and how those little bare tummies looked and all.

Then one night, when I was 11, I was finishing my dinner, and my mom was to have gone to a party that night, she had on a matching skirt, and blouse, then right in front of me, she'd lifted up her blouse, and wow! It was the first time she'd wore her skirt almost up to her bra, was my dick throbbing hard in my boxer briefs, especially at her little swath of tummy between her skirt and bra! Then she smiled "Want to feel?" Then when I felt my mom's slight baby bump at the time, my dick wiggled around in my boxer briefs.

Since I was so excited that my mom was pregnant, she took off her blouse, revealing her sexy nursing bra, and she'd told me she was a little over 3 months pregnant at the time. When I asked about the baby's daddy, she said she was having the baby for friend, who's wife couldn't have children, so she offered to carry the baby for her friend through invitro fertilization.

My mom never went to the party that night, and a good thing too, especially as it was revealed the next day, it got raided by police, and people were arrested.

Then she took off her skirt, revealing her big panties over her slight baby bump, then she said "Btw, I just happen to know that you like looking at pregnant women in their underwear, don't you?" I got a little nervous when she brought it up, till she said "Relax, it's ok, some boys like going online looking at bikini clad girls, you like them pregnant don't you?" I said sheepishly "I do, remember almost 2 years ago that lady from across the street, when she was pregnant, she was dressed in her bra and short shorts and she already started showing." My mom said "Yes, I knew you loved looking at her swelling tummy at the time, I remember how it made your penis big in your bathing trunks." Then she was smiling.