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My best friend Ed and I would play together. When I was about 16 I went over and asked if Ed was home. His mom Sharon said he was gone and asked me in for a drink. I expected lemon aid but was a rum and coke instead. She lit a cigarette and curled it up to her nose. I thought it was the sexiest thing i"d ever seen and after she gave me the third beer I was pretty tipsy. She decided I was pretty drunk and came over and sat on the couch next to me. Her hand started to rub my leg and she said how sexy she found me. When I thanked her and leaned over and kissed me. A deep tongue kiss. I was pretty drunk so I kissed her back.

She sais the ahe didn't get enough wex at home and wanted more. Her hand reached down and undid my ants and she asked if I had ever had a good blowjob. I told her no and she proceeded to unto my pants. Then she took my cock out of my shorts and startred to suck me. Shat a fucking feeling, having a stranger suck my cock. After a bit I said I was going to cum but she kept ucking and took all of my cum.

I asked her if her daughter was ready fo dating. W=Whan=en ahd waid yes I brounht her daughter over and fucke her as well. She was maING AND WHEN i' LOOKED UP SHE WAS SUCKING ON HER MOM'S CUNT. i FNISHED BY CUMMING IN HER PUSSY AND SHE MADE ER MOM CUM AS WELL. wHAT A FUCKKING LIFE. i MADE MY WOMAN CUM WHIL SHE MADE HER MOM CUM. i LOVE IT.