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I remember the first cock I sucked. I was in the military and had a layover. I had just been home and gotten my wife pregnant. I wa at a hotle waiting for the flight back to my base whan a large fat man asked if I ever had my cock sucked. I told him no. He owned the bar in the basement of the hotel and said if I cme down after dinner he would buy me a drink. I thought "what the fuck?" and headed down for a drink. Hi brpought me a rum and cock and then another. After the tiird asked if I wanted my cock sucked. I tole him no. After about four more drinks that he bought me I was plastered and asked if I wanted my cock sucked I said that I was drunk enough to say yes..

I went up to my room and stripped. I lit a cigarette and was smoking when he came in. He locked the door and walked over to my bed. He pulled me down to the end of the bed where my ass as hanging off the edge. He proceeded to give me a blowjob and when I said I was going to cum he kept sucking. I let it fly and filled his mouth with my cum. He took it all. \

He was a big fat guyy and for some reason I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock. He siad yes and stripped. I pulled his off the edge like he did me and proceeded to suck him. He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I nodded yes. He filled my mouth with his jizz. That was the first time I swLLOQWS norhwe mN'A XUM ns locws ir.

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