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A few weeks ago I had to watch my grandma for the day. She wasn't doing good that was at her house in like a hospice state my mom had to run errands for the day and asked if I would watch her and I agree. Everything was fine at first I was just watching her and she wasn't moving unconscious to the world cuz the drugs she was on I had to change her and when I changed her I noticed she wouldn't wake up or move or anyting that's when the always horny me kicked in after I cleaned her up I got my fingers wet and put them inside her pussy and just kept fingering her I can feel her start getting wet my cock was so hard by now I got undressed went over to her mouth I started making her give me a blowjob then I went back down between your legs and ate her pussy for like 20 minutes then full blown started fucking her as hard as I could I would spit all my hand and Lube up her asshole fuck her ass take it out put it back in her pussy over and over again until I came in her this went on all day I must have came in her and every whole her mouth her ass her cunt I told myself if she dies just keep fucking until you cum