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I guess I have always been a sexual addict. My earliest memories were when I was 7 or 8. My Mom would make me and my one year younger brother lay down with her and take a nap midday. I was never sleepy so I would spend the entire nap time fingering my butthole and playing with my dick.

Then, when I was about 10 or 11, me and a neighbor kid who was about the same age liked to get naked and play with each other's dick and butthole. Eventually we started sucking each other and tried to buttfuck each other but never was too successful with that. I guess our dicks were still too small.

Soon new neighbors moved in. They had a young daughter about our age, maybe a year or two younger. It wasn't long before I had her playing "doctor." She would let me fondle and finger both her holes but she would not suck my dick or let me try to fuck her.

The next thing I remember was when I was about 12 or thirteen. We had moved to another city. By this time I was jacking off every time I got a chance. I learned to do it well enough that I would have powerful orgasms. But they were dry. I guess I was still too young to have any cum. One day I jacked off to a powerful orgasm and blood came out my dick. Scared the shit out of me!!! I was afraid to jack off after that. But after I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to. Blood again!!! What the hell??? I waited a few days until I just had to do it, and this time cum came out!!! WOW!! I was so thrilled!!

Somehow I got my hands on a nudist magazine. No sex stuff but just a lot of naked men, women and kids. I jacked off so many times to those photos!!!

There was a much younger boy in the neighborhood that was always hanging around acting like a dork. Everybody picked on him and made fun of him. Nobody wanted much to do with him. I befriended him and treated him much nicer than anyone else did. He really appreciated it and started following me around like a puppy. He was like my shadow. I had this power over him. He would do just about anything I asked him to. It wasn't long before I had him sucking my dick. He would suck it like a new born puppy. I would cum in his mouth and he would just keep sucking. He would not stop until I told him to. I would have him lick my asshole for a while then finger fuck my asshole while he sucked me. Then I would do the same to him. He was still to young to appreciate it. Then I started butt fucking him. He seemed to really enjoy that. During the summer when school was out, my parents both worked and me and my brother were at home all day by ourselves. That kid would be knocking on our door early every morning. We would spend the whole day licking and fingering and fucking each others buttholes and sucking each others dicks. I really enjoyed that kid.

One day a military family moved into the neighbor hood. The Dad was a naval commander. He was very strict. They had 4 boys and a girl. 2 of the boys were older and I had very little to do with them. The other 2 were my age. They had a younger sister about 8 or 9. We had very little time to spend together because during school they always had to do chores and homework. They mostly were only able to come out and play on Saturdays. The little girl never came out. I think her Mom had her helping with cooking and cleaning most of the time. Besides, I don't remember any other girls in the neighbor hood for her to play with. Mostly boys. Anyway, her brothers and I became pretty good friends. We would set up a tent, and spend the nights out in the back yard a lot. Once again a lot of getting naked and playing with our dicks and sucking each other and fingering and fucking our own and each other's buttholes. I started to hangout at their house more and their younger sister began to have a crush on me. She was really a "cutey." Her hair was so blonde that it was almost white. Her eyebrows and eye lashes were the same way. Her skin was sooooo white!!! She was like an albino or something. She was always right next to me. Always wanting my attention. The boys could tell that she liked me and I liked her. They confided in me that she was pretty much their sex toy. That she would let them do anything they wanted to her. They invited me to have a sleep over. Their parents would go out to the Officer's Club on base just about every Saturday night until after midnight. That is when they were able to do what ever they wanted with her. The 2 older brothers were there "babysitting," but they just locked themselves in their room and said don't bother them.

After their parents left the boys immediately got the sister in their room and took her clothes off. We began to play with her smooth hairless little pussy. We took turns licking and fingering her pussy and asshole. And letting her suck our dick. She loved to suck dick and eat our cum. She even liked licking our buttholes. We then took turns fucking her in both her holes. Soon her brothers had all they wanted and quit. But her and I kept going. Her brothers did not seem to be interested in kissing her, but her and I were kind of sweet on each other and we did a lot of kissing. The kissing part was new to both of us, but we really enjoyed it. She and I continued on for hours and I think my dick stayed hard the whole time!! Even after cumming 3 or 4 times. Eventually she had to get back to her room and we had to go to sleep because it was nearing time for their parents to get home.

Because their parents were so strict, they were always in trouble and/or on restriction so we did not get the opportunity to do this often, and since they were military, soon they moved away. I still think about those orgies we had with their little sister. Something I will never forget.

Once I got into high school and started dating my sex life was pretty boring. Just a lot of jacking off. None of the girls wanted to put out. A lot of heavy petting and feeling and fingering, but no sucking or fucking.