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Many years ago I met my aunt in a mixed sauna with attached out door pool. The meeting was incidental and not planned.

I was in sports and she was a large breasted MILF. With her where several middle aged woman who had already a drink or two before the went to the sauna.

All was merry and laughter and we went to the heated outdoor pool. I went into one corner and watched the various size of breasts moving about. My aunt came over and we talked a bit and I touched her under water. She did not resist and when I slipped a finger in her she was all moist and open for business.

I pulled her over to me and just slipped into her. I remember her eyes getting big and she asked : What are you doing?" and tried to wiggle away. I kept her pulled to me just long enough to come.

She told me that i am 'very bad'. I offered to stroke her to an orgasm but she refused. She went across the pool to the other side and glared at me. Judging from her shoulder motion, she did try to get my sperm out of her.

We never spoke of it. She appeared to have gotent over it.

One of her group ( a rather unattractive and chubby woman kept coming to the sauna after that and I eventually fucker her a few times, once at home in her bed.

Nothing ever was spoken of aunt or that day.