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My wife was a fucking bitch. After six years when she didn't want sex or even would give me a blowjob I caught her. I came home early one night and when I walked into the bedroom she was on all fours on our bed and this guy was pounding her cunt from behind. I pulled him off and we fought She hit me with something and everything went black. When I came to the cops were there. They arrested me for domestic battery. She swore she was alone and said that I attacked her and she had to fight me off. As a result I spent three in the state pen.

She divorced me but came to see me once in a while. We became civil to each other but I had a plan to get her back. Finally the day came for me to be released. I had been kind to her while in prison and asked if she could pick me up when I got out. She did. I spent the next two months getting settled and even got a decent job at a local factory. I knew she had gotten re-married and one day I asked her out for coffee to just talk. I found out his name and said I'd like to meet him. As far as she knew I was okay with the entire situation and agreed to introduce us. She invited me to dinner and I accepted.

He was tall and thin and his name was Jim. No distinguishing features but seemed nice enough. After that night Jim and gradually became friends. One night he had invited me to dinner with them. After dinner we sat in the living room drinking. Jim was getting a bit drunk and when she excused herself to use the restroom Jim leaned forward in his recliner and said "So, what was it really like in prison?" I looked at him and said "I met a lot of men. I found that the tall skinny ones had the biggest cock." That shocked him a little until I said "I bet you do too." He blushed a little. She came back in with another sixer and by the time we had finished it off she said it was time for her to go to bed. She said we could stay up as long as we wanted and headed down the hall to go to bed. We drank a couple more beers and I was pretty sure she was asleep. I asked him "Does she still refuse to swallow your load?" I knew it took him off guard but he said yes. Then I said to Tom "So let me see it." "See what" he asked. I said "Fuck you. You have been showing me your cock all night, so it's time to show me what you got." He looked down the hall to make sure she was in the bedroom and stood in front of me. "You can never tell her" he said. I said I would't ever say a word. I pulled his nice sized cock out and gave him the best blowjob he'd ever had. I swallowed every fucking drop of his jizz and even sucked him a second time. He was empty when I got through with him. I didn't want to make him uncomfortable but told him that anytime she wouldn't suck his cock I was more than willing.

Over the next six months I sucked him on a regular bases and even got him to the point where he would ass fuck me, suck me or let me ass fuck him. Fucking him and stroking his cock at the same time gave him the most powerful orgasms of his life. I figured it was time to teach her a lesson. I invited him to my place one Friday night, but before he arrived I set up a camera on top of the TV and started recording. When he arrived I met him at the door. As soon as I closed the door he turned and kissed me. I made sure we were in the camera's sight and I leaned back against the door and told him to tell me how much he loved my cock. He said it. Then I said for him to tell me what he wanted me to do to him with my cock. I could tell he was a little drunk and he didn't hesitate and said "I want your cock in every hole in my body. I want to suck you, swallow you and have you fuck me in the ass." I said "But don't you think your wife will mind?" This was a little game I enticed him to play for just this occasion. "Fuck her" he said. "She's just a super cold cunt, and besides I like your cock much more than her cunt." Then he knelt down and took my cock out. He sucked me hard and when I said I was going to cum he grabbed my ass cheeks and I could tell he was swallowing as fast as I could give it to him.

I told him to keep sucking because all I wanted to do was fuck my ex-wife's husband. I could hear him chuckle a little and 10 minutes later I was hard. I told him to strip and get his man cunt ready for me. He stripped and went into the kitchen. He got the Olive oil and handed it to me. He knelt down on the carped and got on all fours. I said for him to tell me he needed my cock in his ass. I knelt behind hi and got his asshole slippery. Then I told him to tell me again how much he loved my cock more than her pussy. He did so I shoved my cock into his asshole. He groaned a little. I asked if his dick was hard. He said that being ass fucked always made his dick hard. I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He said "Oh fuck yeah" I pulled out of his ass and turned around. I assumed the all-fours position and a few seconds later his cock was buried in my ass. He fucked me for a few minutes and said he was gonna cum. I let him cum in my ass and when he was spent I told him to clean me up. His cum was dripping from my asshole when he burned over and I sat on his face with my asshole over his mouth letting his cum dribble onto his tongue. He cleaned me up with his tongue and I turned over with my cock at his chin. I moved it to his mouth and he took it without hesitation. He sucked me to completion and when I finally pulled my cock out of his mouth he said that was the greatest thing he'd ever done.

He finally went home that night and I downloaded the video I took onto a dvd. I wrapped it up nicely as it was getting close to Christmas. I put her name on it and the next time I was over there I snuck the DVD under their tree. I moved out of my apartment and to another town but I could just imagine the look on her face when she played the video of us sucking each other's cock and both of us getting ass fucked by the other guy. I found out a couple years later that they never fucked again and she had divorced him. He found where I now lived and came to see me. He was super pissed at first but realized it was for the best. A couple months later he told me that she had met a new guy and he was staying with her. Tom came up with a plan. It wasn't too different than the one I used on him.

I found out much later that she had married, then divorced this guy after she got a video of him and Tom fucking each other. Revenge can sometimes be very sweet and she's now a fucking wreck. I guess she shouldn't have been fucking around in the first place.