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When I was 17 the older man next door had me over to watch the game and gave me some beers. I must have drank about a six-pack and was quite drunk when he managed to talk me into letting him suck my cock. I never thought of myself as gay, even though I hadn't had sex with a girl yet. I really liked it when I said I was going to cum and he took it all down his throat. When he asked me over the next weekend I happily agreed. We got drunk again and he said he wanted to suck me. I took my pants off and welcomed it. Just before I came he started to play with my asshole. It was great. And when I started to cum his finger entered me. I came hard. We did this for the next few weeks, then one day it escalated.

At halftime I was really drunk and actually asked him to suck my cock. He laughed and said he had something special if I was willing to suck his cock too. I agreed and he took his pants and shorts off. His cock was quite a bit bigger than mine but I was enthralled with the idea of having his cock in my mouth. He was uncut and my lips rolled back his foreskin and he said to cup his nuts. They felt huge. I fondled him while sucking him and about five minutes later he let go. He didn't warn me but just started to cum. I was actually looking forward to tasting his cum and swallowed as much as I could. He told me to keep sucking until he was hard again. It took about 15 minutes and my own cock was hard just from sucking him. I was reeling from the beer and when he said to strip and lay down on the floor I did. I thought he was going to suck me but instead I felt a cold slippery liquid on my ass and his finger was in and out of my asshole. My cock stayed hard as he fingered me. then he removed his finger and scooted a little closer. Before I knew it his cock was pushing past my muscle and he was buried to the hilt. He slowly started to fuck me, telling me that my ass was tighter than any other boys he had ever fucked. My first thought was "How many were there?." Tub then he told me that they were all of age and now that I was about to turn 18 it was okay. He said I made his cock harder than anybody ever had.

The longer he fucked me the more I liked it. He said that after he cums he can stay hard for hours. It sure seemed like it as time passed and he continued to thrust that big cock in and out of my asshole. At one point he stroked my cock a few times and I jizzed all over myself. He rubbed some of it in and put his fingers up to my mouth. I hungrily cleaned his fingers off. He continued to fuck me and 15 minutes later I was hard again. He was finally ready to cum and I told him to let me have it. He was a fucking stud. 56 years old and could fuck like a porn star. He finished and I thought he was going to pull out but he kept stroking in and out. Then he said he had a special surprise. I was laying on my back with my eyes closed enjoying the moment and he started pissing. I had never even heard of this before. It was warm and powerful and I felt it all. It started to squirt out past his cock and he finally finished. I fucking loved it. He had me go into the bathroom and empty myself. It was like a piss enema. Wow.

We replayed this scene over and over for the next year. I never got a girlfriend after this but in college I was able to teach at least a dozen other guys what it was like to suck cock, get ass fucked and have someone fill them with piss. I'm such a fucking degenerate but I love cock in my ass and the warmth of a guys piss.