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I was on a business trip in Tennessee and the motel had a bar next door. I stopped in for a drink. After a few more a guy walked over to my table and asked if I needed a drinking partner. I said Of course and he sat down. He bought me a couple of drinks and said that in this part of the country if a guy buys a drink the recipient owes him a favor. I asked him what kind of favor and he said that the women he buys drinks for usually suck his cock. I said I was down with that if he had someplace to go. He got up and led me outside to his car. The parking lot was pretty dark and he leaned against his car and said that this was as good a place as any. I squatted down and unzipped his pants. I fished his cock out and started to suck him. It was nothing special, about average but the more I sucked the more he talked to me, telling me how good I was and my mouth was more like a cunt than his own wife. I got him hard and he pulled out his phone and texted someone. A minute later he said that if I wanted he could take me home and have a threesome with his wife.

This was a whole new thing for me but I was game. I had sucked a bunch of cocks on my trips but never had another woman before except my wife. I followed him home and she met us at the door naked. I just stared at her tits. Then were gorgeous. Large with bit nipples and as soon as we walked in she said that she had only cum twice and needed all the cock he could give her. It was like I wasn't even there. Then she hugged me and asked what I liked. I told her I like nipples and she said that was her favorite thing. She turned and headed into the bedroom. He led me behind her and when we got to the bedroom we all stripped. She said she loved strange cock and started to play with my cock and balls. He was behind her and as soon as she bent over and took my cock in her mouth he plunged into her. She got me hard in a minute and said she needed me to fuck her. She laid on the bed and said to get under her. She was on her belly and got up on all fours. I made my way under her and she sat on my cock telling me to tweak her nipples. I noticed him behind her and felt his cock against mine. He thrust in and she now had two cocks in her cunt.

We got into a rhythm and she stopped moving every time I tightened up. We double-fucked her for about 10 minutes when he pulled out. Then she said "If you want to continue you're gonna have to suck his cock. She sat up and he straddled my chest. He said "It's up to you." I opened my mouth and he put his cock on my tongue and she resumed gyrating on my cock. He came before I did and I took it all. Then I mumbled I was cumming. He reached down and pulled my nipples as hard as he could. I came buckets. "Oh fuck" was all I could say as I filled her cunt. She got off of me and he turned around into a 69. He took my sloppy cock into his mouth and put his cock back into my mouth. We sucked each other for a bit until we were both hard. He pulled out of my mouth and she mounted my chest with her cunt on my mouth. I started to lick her cunt when I felt him push my legs up and shove his slippery cock into my slippery asshole. Ih fuck what a feeling. I was eating her cunt and he was fucking me. This went on for a while and he grunted and said he was cumming. When he pulled out I felt his cum dripping down my ass as she was cumming min my mouth.

We all then went into the living room and drank some more. What a fucking night. I just hope I can continue with them as my job takes me to their town quite often. If my wife ever found out it would be the end, but as long as I keep traveling I'll suck all the cock I can get and fuck all the cunt I can get.