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When I was around 12 maybe, a neighborhood friend who was a year older somehow got me into jerking off with him. We work both cum and didn’t do much but try oral a little.

Some years later I often masturbated while thinking about jerking off a cock again and sucking it. A different friend and I had become close. Hang out , drink, I smile pot, but he didn’t do any drugs. We went to old school home based bachelor party. Booze, food, weed, porno.

The porno was good. Lots of lesbian and guys who seem could duck forever. It’s was pretty good porn. My friend, David and I are both shitfaced and I am high and driving.

He’s starts talking about the porn as we are driving home. He told me it was fucking hit stuff and i agreed. He said it made him horny and I agreed it had for me too. Next he asked if he would like to maybe jerkoff with him at a hotel or something.

I was yeah, but fuck the hotel I know an area the was fairly wooded and hard to reach unless you knew it was there. I park and we pull or pants down. He starts on me, touching my cock, licking it, sucking it. God it felt so good yet I was afraid to cum or something as much as I enjoyed it.

We switched off and I touched his hard cock. It felt so nice and then I just went for and sucked his hard cock. Feeling his silky skin on his cock. Licking it, holding his balls in my hand, ducking his cock. Within a few minutes he starts to say, I going to cum, maybe like 3 times. He must have thought I wouldn’t swallow but he came in my mouth. I was thinking wow this was fucking good.

He and got together maybe a dozen times even after we married two cousins who knew nothing about are bi experiences. I am 60 now, some ED due to some medical problems, but would do it again. I only told one person about this .