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Last week on Friday the 6th I spent the night at my younger brothers house. He is age 46 and I am 53. He is divorced and his 21year Eric and 19 year Daniel sons live with him. He and I slept in the same bed and during the night we both got horny. I am 6ft 1 285lbs with 36c tits and a 6inch dick. He is 5ft 8 and 230lb with a 8 inch cock. It was around 130am and I was rubbing my dick against his cock and I was good and erect after taking Cialis.

Without knocking Eric comes in and says sorry and leaves. I get up and run out naked in the hallway and catch him. I told him about knocking and I will deal with him later. So my brother and I finish and go to sleep.

Our parents come over Saturday morning and I am making biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Eric comes up and apologizes for last night and I told him thanks but hes still not off the hook just yet and I love him and he goes back to watching tv. Mom wants to know and so I tell her. Well we all had breakfast and its 11am and I take another Cialis and I start getting hard. Dad asks me if I am ready and I say just about and so he tells Eric to go to his bedroom and undress and lay on the bed. After Eric leaves Daniel asks why and so I tell him.

I could not wait any longer so I get undressed in the living room and run to Erics bedroom and shut the door. I get on top of him straddling him and kiss him and start rubbing my erect dick against his cock and kissing him. I then get up to give him a rest and I walk around a bit. Then I resume screwing him and finally he cums and I follow shortly. I was going to get him again but he has math homework from his university class. His dad is nailing him too.

I got horny again just typing this.