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I am a guy, mid thirties and I love anal. Love to fuck some pretty ass (female), but I really enjoy riding dildos, sometimes while wearing a lacy thong (versabottom).

Will usually begin the session with a few tokes of 420, some bpm playing, and do a douching/shower if needed (sometimes poops will come out smoothly yet solid enough douching not necessary). I will first warm up with a smaller toy (5 inch silicone dildo) and make sure my hole is clean, afterwards I put on a sexy thong (mens or women's) and ride my fat 8 inch BWC dildo in cowboy position or doggy style. If I feel horny and loose enough I will the ride my hot pink monster dildo ,(8 inches long x 2.5 inch wide). Sessions can last 2-3 hours and I will have 20-30 anal/prostate orgasms followed by 2 ejaculatory penile orgasms.

I will do these sessions 2-3x per week.

More men should experiment with anal. You may just love it and may even spice up your love life!