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My daughter turned 18 and just a few weeks later came home to tell us she was engaged to her high school sweet heart. They have been together since they were 14. He is a nice enough guy, treats her well and always listens to me. I am proud to say that my daughter was still pure at this stage. She follows her mothers catholic beliefs, as does he. I am however, not a follower myself.

Anyway, i agreed to it and they went about setting it all into motion. The wedding was almost 3 months ago. Turns out the best wedding i have been too.

So firstly. My daughter is a dancer and gymnast and i have always thought she was just gorgeous. Long dark hair, small b cups, super tight legs and thighs and a perfect little bubble butt. She is really short at only 4'8", but it just makes her even sexier. Then to add to this i paid for a $4000 wedding dress for her, which just made her so stunning. Slim top and waist, nice bows around her hips and a big following, smooth skirt with long train.

The wedding went well, the day was great. The evening was really good and everyone had a great time. Both my daughter and her new husband had too much to drink during the evening. At the end i agreed with my wife to take them up to the hotel room and make sure they got in ok. With the young fella's help, considering he was drunk too, we held my daughter up and carried her to the room. She was out right after we lay her on the bed. I poured a drink for and the young bloke to enjoy together.

We sat down and he passed out only half way though his. I hadn't planned anything, but i finished my drink and seeing my teenage daughter lying on the bed in her amazing dress, i got excited and hard. My mind raced as i told myself no, but then it lost myself on one thought. I have known my daughters cycles for several years as she is the same as her mother, and i knew that meant she was right in prime.

I made sure both of them were out and i stripped off. I moved my daughter to be hanging, upper body on the bed and lower over the side. I lifted the many layers of her dress and pushed them up over her head to reveal her silk lacy underwear underneath. I was so turned on as i pulled them down to her ankles and off. I slid my hands under her dress to hold her hips tight. It only took a few goes to get myself in and only a few more to push in until my head reach her uterus and pressed hard into the bottom of her pussy.

I was lucky, cause she stirred and in her drunk state she spoke. She clearly thought i was her new husband as she just told him to go easy so she didn't hurt. I just softly agreed and kept going. Just knowing she was awake and didn't know it was her father fucking her made it even better. I really wanted to finish properly in her, so as i felt myself getting close i really pulled her hips hard, forcing my head to press deep against her cervix to allow my full 6 and a half inches to push into my 18 year old daughters body.

She began to twitch and her pussy squeezed me as she had her orgasm and that pushed me over. I was telling myself to pull out until then and that all changed to holding myself completely inside her. She passed out again as i unloaded in her. I hadn't cum like that since the day i did so in her mother to create her. Since she was out i used her 2 more times to really empty my balls completely inside her. I stripped her husbands pants off and lay him on the bed with her as i finished up and left.

Keeping with her faith, and that she thinks i was her husband she has never questioned it and last weekend she came over to tell me and my wife she and him got pregnant on the wedding night and she is almost 3 months pregnant. She was so excited about it and clearly hoping she will have a baby girl. I was so hard all day knowing the baby growing in my daughters belly is mine, her own baby sister or brother.