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So the normal family gathering. Everyone spending the day together at my parents place. I always love when my sister come along as she always has my niece in tow. I spend way too much time looking at her and thinking about all the thing i want to do to her tiny body.

My niece is 14, very short for her age, but slim and toned. She does dancing, keeping herself fit and i think sexy. She has long dark hair, fair skin, tight body and maybe a large A cup pair of breasts on her. She showed up today wearing a short ruffled mini skirt and a thin trap singlet top. I could see her blue bra under and through her white top and a few time i got flashes of her pink underwear under her skirt as she helped set up the table.

After lunch everyone went outside, but i noticed her in the lounge room. I went to her and left the others to go out. I sat with her and asked of she was ok. I played and tickled her a bit as i did. We chatted and she explained that the boy she liked didn't like her. I told her he wasn't worth it and told her i would give anything to be with her. She giggled and said that wasn't right cause i was too old for her. I joked back and said i'd show her that i'm not too old. She laughed and said that she couldn't cause i'm her uncle. Well i played it and went to work.

I only took me a couple of minutes flirting and slowly working her to lie down on the lounge and i was in. I was gently kissing her as she was still half saying we couldn't. While i kissed her i pushed the front of my pants down and lay over her. I got between her legs and used one hand to lift her skirt up. I pulled her pink underwear down at the front and i line up. She was shocked and clearly holding her breath as i pushed into her. She whispered that i shouldn't, but i just kissed her again and pushed in further. Just knowing the rest of the family was only just outside made it even hotter.

I knew i had no chance of lasting so i just pushed in as deep as i could. I managed to hit the bottom of her pussy with my head, which drove me over. She must have felt me as she quickly said "i'm not on anything, you can't". I just held myself completely pressed into her and unloaded everything i had into her tiny body. I must have spurted 3 or 4 good squirts into her teen belly.

She was scared and said she didn't want to have sex or be pregnant yet cause she was too young. I told her i had to prove to her i wasn't old and the best way is to put my "old" sperm into her and give a baby, proving i'm not to old for her.

She settled after i told her i would take her to the doctors tomorrow and get a morning after pill with her. She has no idea that i have no intention of doing that.

Anyway, the best part for me, that she doesn't know, nor does my sister is that she isn't my niece, she's my daughter as well. Almost 15 years ago i was staying at my sisters place after a big party. She has always assumed that her boyfriend fucked her and got her pregnant that night. She still has no idea that i was the one who fucked her twice that night while she was out cold. I cummed in her so much and nine months later i have had a niece.