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I'm 16 and have been watching porn on my cell phone for a couple years now. On Christmas eve our parents made me stay home with my 9 year old sister. I thought she was watching some dumb Christmas movie on TV so I went to my bedroom to jack off to some porn and as I jacked off I heard " What's you doing?" It was my sister who was only 5 feet away looking at my hard cock.

I said "Making myself feel good. Do you want to help me?" Going for broke, cause my sister is a little hottie with her dark red hair and green eyes. The best part is her tits are starting to grow so she isn't totally flat.

She said "What can I do? I don't have what you have and why is it so big and hard?" I took my hand away and made it dance as I call it.

Her eyes got big and I said "See it's excited to see you, but it wants to see more of you." She didn't make any move to undress so I showed her the video I watching of a guy giving head to his girlfriend and her pulling his hair forcing his face into her cunt.

She said "Why is she doing that to her brother?"

I said "She's doing that cause it feel so good to her. As a matter of fact it's the best feeling she has ever felt And if you get naked like I am I could make you feel like she feels too." My sister watched for a few more minutes then began to unbutton her top and then her pants come down as her eyes never left the video in front of her. Soon she was nude like I was and climbing on my bed with me.

I turned my phone so I could see what was happening and she was giving the guy a blow job by now. My sister asked why the girl was biting his thing and was it hurting her brother? I told her that she was holding her teeth away and only using her lips on his cock as she slid up and down she also was sucking on him at the same time. I then told her it makes the guy have the best feeling in the world just like he did to her.

I took her hand and placed it on my cock and she began to rub her fingers around and over the head making my cock jump at her touch. She said "If you do to me what he did to his sister then I will do what she did to him." I didn't have to be asked twice. I got her on her back and went down on her nipples first. She wasn't so sure about that saying it give her a funny feeling in her tummy.

I rubbed around her pussy lips on touch her pussy but close enough to get her worked up like I seen in a video one time. By the time I got my lips to the top of her lips she was moving her hips as if to get me to lick her pussy. I looked up and asked if she wanted me to stop and she said no and for me to keep going.

I started to lick just the edges of her lips and when I heard a moan come from her I licked her hard tiny little clit making her push her hips at me. I have give my girlfriend a bunch of orgasms by doing this and I wanted my sister to come on my tongue. I started licking the length of her tiny cunt on only stopping to give her clit a few extra licks before going back down to her now wet opening. Once she started to wiggle under my face I attach myself to her clit and soon I heard her orgasm getting close.

When I finally got her to her peak I put a finger inside of her but only maybe a half inch not wanting to take her cherry, or at least I didn't want to take it that way. She started calling my name over and over as she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. I loved being the first guy to give her a orgasm. She laid back breathing hard and deep as she slowly got her breathe back she said "Bro, what just happened to me and can it happen again?"

I moved up beside her saying anytime she wanted to have more just come see me. I put her hand on my cock again and she moved her head over my gut and kissed the tip of my hard as a steel bar cock. She began licking the tip making my cock jump around and when she let the head in her mouth I almost came. As she sucked and slid only a little bit more then the head in her mouth I told her that I loved how her orgasm tasted and how sweet her pussy was to eat. I knew I was about to cum so I put my hand on her shoulder to pull her away. As my orgasm hit I let the first squirt go in her mouth before pulling back on her but as her mouth came off my cock she move back taking me back in her mouth.

I was shocked she would do that but she swallowed my cum. Hell none of my girlfriends even let me cum in their mouths let alone swallowed my cum, but my little sister did. Once my hardest started to go away my sister said "Can I have a orgasm again?" I went back down on her making her to cum two more times before I turned her around placing her on top of me in a 69. The more she got close to coming again the more of my cock she took in her mouth. By now she had about half of me in her mouth sucking hard.

After the next time she came I asked her if she wanted to become a whole woman and have me break her cherry. She didn't know really what I was talking about so I told her how things worked, I guess you would call it the talk. She wanted to try it so I got a towel and put it under her ass and got between her thin thighs placing my cock head just inside her pussy and as I told her it would hurt for a few minutes but get better as we fucked.

I could see fear in her eyes as I pushed over half of my cock inside of her. It was a good thing mom and dad weren't home cause the last time I heard her scream like that was when she broke her arm. I went slowly finally getting all of my cock inside of her. She said it was starting to stop hurting as much so I began fucking her faster and harder. I wish I could say she came when I did but I can't do that, she was moaning saying that she liked it when I couldn't hold back any longer and pumped my cum inside my sister.

She told me she wants to do it again as soon as we can but I need to get some condoms first cause I don't need to get her pregnant do I?