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I have always had an affliction for my ass. I have been sticking things in my ass since I was 13. I really enjoy when the family is gone I will mount it on a wall and just enjoy anal sex on and off for hours building up a nice Climax. The 1 time I was caught my sister in-law had stopped by while I was on the dildo and enjoying the moment. While laying on my back the dildo in and me humping it for all I was worth. I started to jack off and when the Cum shot out I had my mouth open and shot the first shot into my mouth. Yes I swallowed it no I did not aim for it to go in my mouth. My sister in-law then asked "Was it Good"? I was embarrassed to say the least. Told her I was sorry she had seen this and would she keep this between us. She let me know If I licked up the rest she would. I did and she has kept her word. Being blackmailed now she wants another show but she wants to use a strap on. I am eagerly awaiting the day