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I just met an old neighbour and was instantly asked to go to her new place to repeat an incident that happened 20 yrs ago.

I had agreed to look after her dog on new years eve because of fireworks ect,

As soon as her and her boyfriend were out I searched her underwear draw and changed into some very sexy black lacy lingerie, stockings suspenders and crotch-less panties and as she is quite tall her shoes fitted me so I wore a nice pair of her heels as well.

A while later knowing I had all night on my own I began watching porn and using her dildo in my ass, I was loving the feeling when I heard her dog whining in the kitchen.

I went to check on it and was knocked over by the dog and as I tried to get up I was instantly mounted and in one move I was penetrated and anally knotted, god this dogs cock was huge.

I knew it would be a while before it went limp and dropped out so I just enjoyed the feeling of so much cum being pumped into me.

That was when my night went from oh fuck to oh fucking god dammit, my neighbour had argued with her boyfriend who had come home early and walked straight into the kitchen, within seconds he had his cock in my mouth and fucked my throat until the point of him shooting his load into my mouth.

As his cum hit my tonsils my neighbour spoke up, she had entered the house just after her boyfriend and had watched the whole thing.

When her boyfriend left the room she sat and watched as her dog pulled free from my ass and she instantly said "suck him as well" I spent the next 20 minuets sucking her dogs cock as its spunk ran out off my ass, she was so impressed by my "oral skills" as she put it that as long as I sucked her boyfriend and her dogs cocks when ever she wanted she wouldn't tell my wife and I could keep the lingerie and heels as well