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My sister (12) and I (23) went to our grandma's Christmas Eve party on our own, since our mom had to work the night shift. Since it was a three hour drive I wasn't drinking, but she had at least three servings of Grandma's eggnog by the time we were leaving for home.

I stopped at a motel, claiming I was too tired to drive safely. I got a room with only one bed, and half carried her in. I helped her undress - she was tipsy enough to not care how far I stripped her - and got her in bed naked, on her back, legs spread.

I undressed and climed on her, and began kissing her, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She didnt exactly kiss back but she didnt fight me off, so I moved down to her sweet, tender breasts with areolas like rosebuds and sucked on those perky little nipples like a starving baby. She began to moan and I slid a hand between her legs to finger her soft cunt with its dusting of peach fuzz. After some more sucking and rubbing I was able to slip my middle finger into her, and I worked it in and out, spreading her wetness all over her pussy.

I wiped my finger on my cock, and rubbed the tip up and down her slit to spread my precum onto her, then stopped while I made a decision. I could either do this slow and gentle, or I could go hard and fast.. . I looked at my baby sister's face and decided slow and gentle.

I pushed my cock into her s bit past the head and almost came at his tight and wet she was. I managed to pull back to the edge of my cock's head, waited for her moans to stop and her body to relax, then pushed in deeper. I repeated the process, going deeper with each push, until I was halfway in, then slowly kept going until I was buried to the hilt inside my sister.

I had to lie still several minutes, to keep myself from blowing my load too soon. Once I had regained control of myself I started rocking my hips back and forth gently, making sure to grind my pubes against her sweet, hot pussy lips and defenseless clit. She curled her legs up around mine, whimpering as I pumped her, while I whispered words of love in her hear.

Her breathing started getting ragged so I started pumping my hips harder and faster, always with shirt and deep strokes to keep as much of my cock inside her as I could, until I felt her legs shaking around mine and i pushed my cock into her as deep as I could, riding out her orgasm before i reached mine with a few more thrusts. I came inside her, and lay on top of her as I caught my breath, kissing her deeply.

By this time she was wide awake and crying,... which made me hard again almost immediately., so I proceeded to fuck her again, this time hard and fast. She came again, in spite of her efforts to make me stop... and she stopped fighting me when I started pumping her for a third fuck.

We both slept like logs, and I woke with morning wood as usual - only now I had my baby sister with me. She didn't say a word when I flipped her onto her stomach and took her from behind, or when I turned her onto her side for the deepest, hardest fuck I'm capable of... she accepted it and I rewarded her with two more orgasms before I blew my load deep inside her again. She even kissed me back when I slipped my tongue into her mouth after we were done.

I took her into the shower with me and washed her clean, covering her with kisses as I dried her off. I made her promise this will be our secret... but deep down I hope I've sired a child on her.

I'm going to take her to a much better hotel on New Year's Eve and spend the night pumping babies into her belly.